Friday, July 22, 2011

And On Another Note... Happy and Sad..

Mrs. S passed away Wednesday from lung cancer. Thank you all for sending happy thoughts her way. I am certain it was for the best, because the disease was advanced and there wasn't much hope. But I would never tell her family that. And the world is a darker place without her in it.

Last week's family vacation went fairly well. DSD's daughter dotes on Grandson #1 (GS1) and he is precious. I see issues with the way she doesn't dote on Granddaughter #1 (GD1) or Granddaughter #2 (GD2) and I (as well as my mom and DSD's mom) all remarked on it. They are her stepdaughters, but their mother is gone (car accident in 2007) so she is all they have. And they are delightful girls.

Still, the water park, and snorkeling in the Gulf, and swimming in the pool went well. We ate like Kings and Queens, and we were able to visit more than we have before. I do have pictures.. and videos.. as soon as I figure out how to get them off of my phone.

Hug those you love and let them know it, no one is promised tomorrow.

Am I the Voice of Doom?

As I sit here in my lovely ranch style home, Lola eating dinner behind me, tomatoes roasting in the oven in preparation for homemade marina, I feel an overwhelming sense of panic. Of dread. Of fear. Serious sick to my stomach terror.

What the hell is happening in this country? What the hell has happened to those whom we have elected to lead us? In less than two weeks this country is going to run out of money, default on our credit and cause who knows what kind of mayhem, but no one seems to be taking this seriously. Certainly not crazy Michelle Bachman. Certainly not most of the Congressional Republicans. Is our President? Will he swoop in at the last minute, invoking the 14th amendment and saving the day? Will that save the day?  Everything I have read says that without spending cuts and increased revenue the S&P (I think) may still take our credit down from AAA to AA. And the plan by the "Gang of 6" has only promised increased revenue in the future. Why not now?

My tax burden is not large.  A lot of that has to do with tuition, of course, because that is all tax deductible, but I would be willing to pay more, why aren't others?

Let's look at how a default will affect ME, personally, as the Average Jane on the street.
#1. DSD is retired Navy with a military retirement that kept us afloat while he was unemployed. What happens without that?
#2. I am a contract employee with the Federal government. Now my contract has just been extended (again) for another 4 months, which means the contract is paid until Thanksgiving, but if there are no active duty or civilians, will I still be able to go in and get paid?
#3. My parents are retired and living off social security. They paid cash for their house and have savings, 401Ks, etc, but they depend on those monthly checks. What will happen to them?

What will happen to us all?

I firmly believe that if the elderly, military, military retirees, etc do not get paid, we may be in for a revolution. I have a really bad feeling about this... luckily my bad feelings are normally just indigestion, but I've never had indigestion that lasts this long.

Why are those in Washington screwing around with our future?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The End of an Era

I've never been all that fascinated with the idea of space travel. It just grabs the imagination of some and not others and I am one of the others.  I was only about 15 months old when Armstrong took that small step for man, so it was already history by the time I was aware of my surroundings.  I do remember being called to watch a slashdown.. Apollo 13 maybe? I remember my dad was super excited about and I was mildly annoyed with him.

I also remember being summoned from my room to watch the first shuttle land in California. I was 14 by then and was daily mildly annoyed with my father, so this probably produced a serious huff. (And probably some eye-rolling because he pulled me away from the phone or a book.)

The Challenger was my first experience with adult disaster and the thoughts of it can still bring a sick feeling to my stomach and a lump in my throat.

But space never grabbed my imagination.

Today though with the last shuttle launch complete, I'm sad. Not because I never made it to the moon or the space station or orbited Earth (I'd rather go to to Ireland), but because it feels like one more area in which the U.S. is no longer a leader. Space was ours. The moon was ours. And now it's not. Now we are dependent on other nations to get supplies to the space station.  Those four who blasted off a couple of hours ago will be dependent on Russia if the shuttle becomes inoperable.

And that makes me sad.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comment that I was not allowed to Post on Republic of Giliad

You do us a service by providing this information. I just unfriended someone on FB because I was SICK of everything being about HER beliefs, HER God. Bye bye Boo Boo (as another FB friend nicknamed her).

Sorry, my God loves everyone and appreciates my compassion and understanding towards those whose beliefs and lifestyles are different from mine.

Sign In - Sign Out.. What is Going On?

Blogger seems to be a pain in my backside and has been for the past week or more. I would like to comment on all of your posts, but if I click on your link I am suddenly signed out. I've never had this happen, and I am working around it, but it is rather a pain!

Step-daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren will be here on Saturday afternoon. I have food in the freezer (stuffed shells, beef enchiladas, chicken pot pie) so we shall eat well. Other than that there is a beach, a pool, and a water park to keep us busy!

Hopefully I will have pictures posted soon!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

This is me standing outside the National Archives last October. No pictures may be taken inside, of course, because the flash is not a good idea for the precious documents stored there. It was a pretty thrilling day for me, seeing the Delcaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights... handwritten by those who are long gone, but who did so much for this country, and who have inspired me for years!

It's going to be a quiet day here in the LeftLeaning house since both DSD and BabyBoy have to work. I am going to work on my book review and continue to prepare for the company due in next weekend.

I hope your day is wonderful and blessed with laughter, love, and some great food!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot and Tired and Annoyed!

We had a lovely day of cloudy, raininess yesterday, so today's high humidity and temperatures have sucked the energy right out of me.

Things are bad. Really bad. The Republicans picked up their toys and went home over the fact that the Democrats & President Obama want to raise taxes on those poor, starving millionaires in order to raise a couple of dollars toward the debt. Fine. Boehner & Cantor are rolling in cash and don't want to pay more. But WHY is it that POOR people think this is ok? People who are just getting by? People who aren't white?

Do these people think they are going to win the lottery and then they won't want to pay taxes on their millions? Do these people think that the "Christian" conservatives care about them one little iota?

Do I think that the President's latest pronouncement on raising taxes on the rich is something that he is going to stand behind? Or will have cave (again) like a poorly built house of cards?

I love the man, I really do, and I can list an incredible amount of things that he has done that has benefitted this country and the people in it, but if he had stood his ground about the tax cuts last December, maybe we would not be entering another dip in the recession that will not end.. although it has been over for TWO years.

DSD and I are doing ok, but things are tight everywhere. And I cannot imagine where we would be without his retirement and Tricare benefits. He is now on daily medication and I meet with a surgeon tomorrow to schedule surgery for an umbilical hernia. What if I weren't covered? Would I just suffer?

I have not talked to my friend about her mom in a couple of weeks. Last I heard there was a meeting scheduled with an oncologist and the mom said that she may opt out of treatment. My friend said that treatment would probably only give her another 12 months, but 12 months is a loooooong time if you are thinking about losing your mom.

Stepdaughter, son-in-law, and the grandchildren will be here in 10 short days! I'm taking the entire week off to spoil all of them. Beach, pool, snorkeling, sand castles, shrimp boil... all the things the Florida Gulf Coast is famous for! (So y'all can stop doing that rain dance now!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Pain? Turn to Blogger!

My 26th high school reunion is next weekend. 26 you may ask? What?

Last year there was a reunion for all of my classmates who are on Facebook who graduated 1983-1988. It went well. LOTS of people showed up. There was mucho drinking and lots of good times. My time was so-so, but that is another post. (Which I may or may not ever do!)

So next week.. 45 minutes from here. A friend is arriving Wednesday or Thursday to stay at my house until Friday morning then we shall venture to the lovely Destin, FL for 2 nights in a free if we clean it on Sunday 2 BR apt. DSD was hoping to spend Saturday & Saturday night there (I was looking forward to showing him off!) but he has to work. :-(

However, a friend (how long have we been friends? I have memories of her from when I was 4! And my 44th birthday was in April!) just sent me a private message telling me that her mom has lung cancer. And it's not good.

Ok, she's smoked for 55 years.. but it isn't supposed to happen to those that I love.

Why does it happen at all?

First a first grade teacher then an ESP teacher, mother to 3 (my friend is the baby!) step-mother to 4 (?) more, such a wonderful person.

My friend says her mom is in great spirits. I hope she stays that way. Me? I'm not doing so well.

Love your people! Hold them close.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drug Tests For Those Who Need Temporary Assistance From the States.

"Florida is the first state that will require drug testing when applying for welfare (effective July 1st)! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional yet it's okay that every working person had to pass a drug test in order to support those on welfare? Re-post if you agree!! Let's get Welfare back to the one's who NEED it, not those that just WANT it!"

I copied and pasted this from someone's Facebook status, NOT BECAUSE I AGREE WITH IT, but because I can't keep typing the same thing over and over and over on the status of others. You can disagree with my thoughts on this, feel free to comment and tell me why I am wrong, and I will return the favor.

First, let's look at the original post. "Some people are crying this is unconstitutional" Well, not just SOME people, actually, but those in the long black robes. You've heard of them. SCOTUS. Yes, the Supreme Court of the United States, those 9 people created by that Constitution whose soul job it so interpret that Constitution. And they have stated that blanket drug testing is not acceptable unless there is a basis for it. A basis such as the appearance that a person is using drugs, drug paraphernalia, etc, in lawyer speak that's called "probable cause," and it can't be based on a person's race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion. According to the SCOTUS blanket drug testing is a violation of a person's right to privacy and their protection against unreasonable search and seizure (pesky ol' Constitution!!!!).  The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed blanket suspicion-less drug testing only if "the risk to public safety is substantial and real." Walker vs Georgia (I think).  I am guessing that maybe this is the reason that the military must be able to pass random drug tests, but it is possible that no one has thought to challenge that yet.

"How is this unconstitutional yet it's okay that every working person had to pass a drug test in order to support those on welfare?"  This is false because
A) I didn't have to pass a drug test to get or keep my job. I am guessing that if I fell down the stairs and needed to go to the hospital that I would be tested there to receive worker's compensation, but I don't know that. The only drug tests I have ever had to take were when I was active duty and I wasn't bright enough to tell them NO!
B) I didn't take my job nor do I keep it to support people on welfare. I took and keep it to support myself and my family and I pay my taxes so that the government can give a helping hand to those less fortunate than I.
C) Why would those on drugs not NEED welfare? All of their money is going to buy drugs. (That was supposed to be funny)

My thoughts and feelings on the subject:
A person who has spent his or her life being a contributing member of society and now is so far down on his or her luck that they need public assistance should not be kicked for being down. And why would we as a society do that to them? This law (as far as I can ascertain) is ONLY for those who need TEMPORARY assistance. TANF = Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. So a single person does not qualify for this. Only a family. With children. So those parents are now required to pay for drug testing instead of buying diapers or wipes or food. Sure if they pass the drug test they get that money back, but how long will that take? This is supposed to be for the children. And forcing their parents to drug test is not in their best interest. IF the parents ARE on drugs, what? No food for the kids? Or are we then going to remove the children from the household and put them into an already overburded foster care system that has just been sliced to the bone? That's going to save the state money, isn't it?

Random drug testing doesn't work. Ok, it does catch the occasional pot smoker, but how long can a person be tested for THC after they have smoked? I think for a full time smoker it's 30 days. So on day 29, this person who has cleaned up their act still can't have help? What if I snort cocaine? If I snort RIGHT NOW, I can pass a drug test before next week. And what if I abuse prescription pain pills? Elvis Presley would have only failed a drug test once or twice in his life (Priscilla admits in her book "Elvis and Me" that they tried LSD at least once in the 60s), but how many drugs were in his system on that fateful day in 1977? And testing for everything in the world is almost impossible and EXPENSIVE. Are they going to test me to if I huff paint? Where will it stop? I accidentally took my son's muscle relaxer thinking it was my Midol and you are going to penalize me for that?

What happens to the false positives? I was told when I was active duty to not eat poppy seeds, because they can cause a false positive in a drug test. I don't know for how long. Is it another 30 day thing? Now people who do not take drugs have to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE. Is that another constitutional thing?
I find it completely amazing that the "party of small government and fiscal conservatism" only wants small government when it comes to them and their families. Or other people of means. But they want to blame this entire recession and economic crisis on POOR PEOPLE and the ELDERLY and punish them by taking away the very benefits that keep them alive, food and health care. (Not going to start on how much the Republicans hate women, that is an entirely new note).  This is government expansion on the most basic level (people's right to EAT) and yet the internet is celebrating like we've discovered a cure for cancer.
Originally this law proposed only allowing those who were to be tested to have it done at a specific clinic if within a certain distance. And if that clinic happens to be in the name of Mrs. Rick Scott (no idea what her first name is, don't care enough to look it up) and it was formerly in the name of Mr. Rick Scott... what difference does it make, right?

Here's a thought! Why don't we start new poorhouses and shove these poor people in them? They DON'T WANT TO WORK, they just want to sit on their butts and keep popping out babies, right? We can put their children in orphanages run by the state, because.. you know.. that's healthy.
Or an ever better thought "Welfare Reality" Those who think they have the right to eat on money provided by Hard Working Americans can BEG for it on national TV. We can vote. "Decide to eats this week and who goes home hungry!"

Look, I hate welfare. But more than I hate it, I hate the NEED for it. I hate the fact that we, as a society, are failing to provide jobs for each and every person who wants one, or needs one (because I don't WANT to work!) at a rate of pay that allows them the basic necessities of life - a roof, food, clothes, transportation, health insurance, a little pocket change, and an emergency savings.

You can call me names. Liberal. Democrat. Tree Hugger. Socialist. I am all of those things and none of them. But you can't say that I am a person who has any interest in stepping on people who are already down or who has a problem lending a helping hand.

I posted this in a note on Facebook because I was tired of typing the same things over and over and over. But I hadn't taken time to do any blog posts lately, so I thought I would share it with you too!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of World... may happen one day... but not today!

While I saw some smarta$$ on Facebook who said only Americans were going to be taken in today's alleged Rapture (he was being tongue in cheek) I have been scanning the online news to see if there have been any strange disappearances and cannot find a link to one.

Not one.

It is past 6pm, 1800 hours, GMT or 0001Zulu at this point of my day and everyone seems to be staying put.

Part of me feels horrible for those who believed and spent all of their money, quit their jobs and now have nothing, but the other part thinks that they were just stupid. There has been talk about the possibility of mass suicides over this.

So no Harley, no jewels, no free food. DSD is at work, but we are going to buy groceries when he gets off, because we are planning to be here tomorrow!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture Deserves a New Harley!

My plan for tomorrow 21 May 2011 is to station DSD outside of the Harley dealership at 5:45 CDT and BabyBoy at the local Publix while I stand outside of a ritzy jewelry store! Plenty of food, a new bike, and JEWELS.. for free!!

Ok not really. I actually believe that there may be a Rapture one day with ~ 12 - 14 people disappearing and no one noticing. If anyone does notice though THAT will cause the end of the world because the 'alleged' Christians will their minds and destroy.

How many will kill themselves tomorrow because they've quit their jobs, lost their houses, spent their money on stupid in the run up to this BS? There was a Facebook link where a woman tried to kill herself and her children today because of it. (I didn't read the story).

How much more insanity do we need?

On another note, R.I.P. Randy "Macho Man" Savage. DSD says his heart attack was steroid induced, but he made me laugh when I was younger.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Just Orange County!

Tricky Ricky has not yet signed the budget, according to this story published yesterday in the Orlando Sentinel, but the cuts this article speaks about is not anywhere close to all of the cuts projected in this budget. These just happen to show how much our wonderful governor loves the people in this state.. especially those who are the most in need.

Where are we cutting dollars in my formerly great state (excepting the 2000 election and the humiliation over Terri Schiavo, of course)?

Women with high risk pregnancies.
People with disabilities.
Nursing home patients.
The children. (And the senior citizens who help them.)

I constantly post sarcastic comments on FB thanking those who voted for this yahoo.  So far no one has said, "You're welcome," but I keep hoping someone will take the blame.

And yet this DipSh1t masquerading as governor has promised to reduce my property taxes.  From less than $800 a year to WHAT exactly? It isn't like I am paying through the nose.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Sex! No Jobs! No High Speed Rail!

I think I just plagiarized myself (is that possible?) because the title are the words I used to finish up a comment on something that TrueBlueTexan said.  She was remarking on the fact that as of 1 Oct 2011 Florida will no longer be bigoted against homosexuals, because ALL sex will be illegal.  The law does say something about sex with animals, but it doesn't say anything about self-pleasure. I wonder if DSD would go for that?

There was an interview with Tricky Ricky (aka Florida's Governor) about how his party has reduced government and budgets and how this is going to create the jobs he promised during his campaign.  I'm not sure how creating more barriers for women and cutting the salaries of our state employees will help with the economy. I'm not holding my breath for it either.

And at the same time the billions of dollars promised by the Obama administration to Florida to build a high speed rail on the I4 corrider is being given to 20 other states because ol' Tricky Ricky said it was going to cost the state too much.. even after Senator Bill Nelson had signed paperwork from the cities involved that they would pay any differences.  We don't need no stinkin' public transportation!  But everyone else is pleased to accept the money!

This morning one of my co-workers stopped by my desk to ask me if I was still enamoured of this President. I mentioned a couple of ways that I was not pleased with him (Libya), but then he went on to tell me about this book he is reading that talks about the relationship between Ayers and Obama and how they are socialists from the dawn of time and how they have done dispicable things to rope people into believing in socialism. Like what you may ask? (I didn't have to) Like provide DAYCARE for working women. These women were so thankful that they jumped on the socialist bandwagon.

I went off!

     "George, are you telling me that they provided a service for women and children that those women could not get anywhere else? Quality daycare? At an affordable price? FOR SHAME!
     "The extremists on both sides jump into fill gaps for people where no one else does... let's us HAMAS as an example. They are (in my understanding) a terrorist organization, but the people LOVE them.  Why? Because when other countries on dropping bombs, Hamas shows up with food & blankets & helps rebuild shelter instead of dropping platitudes on hungry, scared people. Like a terrorist Red Cross who does not have to go through the red tape. So, of course, people are going to side with them. Especially if no other side is presented."

Unfortunately the phone rang at that time and George made his escape.  Which was sad because I was not finished.

"Everyone is a Socialist when the government is helping/paying them and a Libertarian when it is helping/paying anyone but them."  I stole this from a Facebook friend, but it is very true. Most people don't want to pay taxes, but they don't want a cut in benefits.. except to foreign countries. Most people scream and yell about how high their property taxes are (oh! mine should be lower this year, thanks, Rick Scott, you a$$), but they still want their children educated, their roads without potholes, and the police to arrive when 911 is dialed.

I am overwhelmed by all that is happening and I keep hoping that the nutjobs are correct and the Rapture WILL happen this coming Saturday at 6 pm local time.. like the wave!

Then I remember that only about a dozen people will disappear in it, because that is probably all world-wide who actually believe in AND act like Christ.

Damn. I was hoping for better parking on Monday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Finish Line?

I am really close for this particular race anyway.  While this term does not officially end until Sunday the 15th, I am going to take my second exam tonight and be finished! Yay! No more school until the 23rd. My brain feels relief already.

My plans are to garden (who ate fresh green beans on Saturday), read something totally brainless about people and love and lust and murder, spend some time with the Lovely Lola, who turned 3 last week with no post from me, and sleep. Oh, and maybe post once or twice.

With everything going on in Florida (shhhh, uterus is a dirty word), Washington, and the world, just trying to keep up is exhausting,  but maybe I will be able to form real sentences in a day or so. Maybe!

I hope everyone's Mother's Day was fantastic.

Did you know that all children (even if you did not birth them yourself) developed (originally) in a uterus?

Shhhh, don't tell!

Monday, May 2, 2011

There is Rejoicing Across the Land!

And yet it makes me uncomfortable.

Last night I was just settling down to a good night's sleep when I received a text from the delightful D telling me that bin Laden was dead. I got my glasses (I had already taken out my contacts), informed BabyBoy of the news (DSD was sound asleep), and turned the TV back on.  I didn't even make it until the President's speech due to the OTC sleeping pill I had taken. I was sound asleep about 30 minutes later when I heard some banging around, and Lola started barking, and I was rudely awakened.

BabyBoy was on the back porch, smoking.  He does try to quit every single day and as long as he keeps trying he will succeed one day, but he had gone all day without a cigarette and was now smoking... it was after 11 CDT.

I forced myself up, and I joined him on the porch, and he was watching the partying in front of the White House and at Ground Zero and in many other places. And he was very upset. He had apparently posted something on Facebook about the fact that rejoicing in the death of ANYONE was not something that he felt Christians did, and his father (did I mention he is an ASS?) immediately texted BabyBoy (in all caps) telling him that he was a complete disapointment to the world or something like that.  I didn't get to read the Facebook post, he had already removed it by the time I joined him, but he was quite confused by the fact that many of his friends (and family) are constantly asking for prayers, talking about how we should live for God, talking about their Christianity and their Christian beliefs, and yet they were partying like it was 1999. Over a death.

And he has a valid point. 

I can completely understand rejoicing by those who were personally affected by 9/11. Those in NYC, in D.C, those who lost loved ones.

We, in NW Florida, were devastated, but life went on.  We cried a little. We watched the news a little more. We hugged more frequently.  But there was no scar on the landscape of our world. All of our loved ones were sitting around our dinner table every night. So I can understand some of the joy. But why for everyone? Why did I change my profile picture to one of the Washington Monument with a little bit of the American flag flying?

The death of bin Laden changes nothing. We are still at war. Our soldiers, sailors, airman, and marines will not be returning home this week. Some will still return in flag draped coffins.

And should we ever celebrate death?

Can anyone answer these questions?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picture from Saturday April 23!

I am already formulating my plan for next year which includes MORE green bean plants but not right in the middle of the garden. We love green beans and I would like to produce enough to have some in the winter. We will see.

This was taken almost a week ago and everything is growing so fast, it has already changed. We've eaten radishes. And there are green beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, turnips, and carrots in there just trying to ripen! (Ok the tomatoes and peppers are in other pots) This is so much fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

To me!

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my 21st birthday. Which means that my anniversary is now older than my birthday AND should have a job. :-)

It won't actually be my birthday for another 90 minutes, but my plans for tomorrow include sleeping late, finishing my paper, and working in my little garden. I may have to cook some turnip greens because I accidentally planted extra.

I do have a picture of the garden that I took on Saturday that I will try to get posted soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Paul Ryan?

That disgusting snake in the grass who attended college on the social security he received due to his father's death. It is sad that Ryan lost his father at age 15. (Young Ryan was 15, not the dad) But it is even sadder that the man cannot appreciate the social net that was in place and that he is now trying to dismantle.


WI Magazine

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogger Is Working...

Check this out!
In the containers on the bottom and the side are radishes. They are also in the bottom right corner of the bed; I have some which should be big enough to pick soon. The BIG bushes in the middle are the green beans and I've put more seed right above and to the right of them. On the other side of them are the broccoli, but they can't be seen here. In the back left are the peas (there were actual tiny peas on them this morning!) and then cucumbers and squash growing to the right of the peas. There are tomatoes on the first plant in the 5 gallon bucket, but the next two have just been planted outside. Everything you see (except that first tomato plant) has been grown from seed
I am so proud.

There are 3 more tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, rosemary, and parsley outside of the picture. I have Ball freezer containers standing by for the surplus of beans and peas that I hope to have.
I am hoping to can some salsas and sauces also, but I don't want to jinx myself by buying all of the stuff already!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keeping Busy!

I should be working, but I thought that maybe a few minutes to catch up with my reading is in order. I do appreciate the kind comments that all of you leave and I try to return the favor... when I have some free time.

My plan was to start with a lovely picture of my lovely green garden to allow you to see the raised box filled with soil, lovely green bean plants that may take over, onions, radishes, peas, cucumbers, squash,  turnips, and brocolli. YUM! Plus the 5 gallon buckets standing along side the bed holding my tomato plants. There are more tomatoes, and some peppers, but they are not seen in the picture. Why won't blogger let me upload my pretty picture?  I will keep trying, but I may have to do it from another computer.

I've tried again, but it just isn't happening.

In the comments from the last post Carl asked if I could post a link to the newspaper article, or post the article. I could not find a link to it, and my scanner doesn't produce JPEGs and Blogger doesn't read PDFs (why not?), but I will try to use another scanner and see what I can do.

In Week 5 of Term IV now, getting close to the Revolutionary War in Colonial History, learning the basics of Political Science in the other class (I can't ever remember the name), took one mid-term last Wednesday (how long does it take to grade?) and another tonight.. probably. I need to start the paper that is due next Tuesday (I've chosen to look at how Ireland is doing in a growing global economy... since it had to be bailed out last year) and finish reading the book for the other paper.

Work is crazy. I would still be here even if the rest of the government had completely shut down last Friday, because I am a contract employee. Of course we've been living on extension after extension of the contract, but I think that is coming to an end. I should have a new employer by the end of next month.  Same job, new employer. I hope that will help with the issues that I have had on and off around here for the last couple of years. Maybe it will ensure that other people are required to actually be here for 40 hours a week. Maybe.

Things are bad in my wonderful state and while I write letters and make phone calls, I am stuck firmly over here in Right Wing Country, where people love them some Tricky Ricky. Not everyone is crazy about the goings on in Tallahassee, these lovely grannies are probably not going to get a recording contract, but I would love to find a bumper sticker:

Thank you to Hen's Teeth

But while laughter is the best medicine, knowing that teachers, firefighters, police officers, and all state workers are losing ground every day isn't funny. Neither is the attack on my body parts. And knowing that there isn't much than can be done until January 2013 makes me a little sick to my stomach. Will I even be employable then? Or will Sharia Law be in place.. or the "christian" version of it.

I have more to say, but now Blogger won't let me change the font color, and I am finished with lunch, so I need to get back to work. I hope your states are all doing better than mine!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh By the Way

My rally/protest was OK. People showed up & not JUST people I had threatened... STRANGERS.
And there was a nice write-up in the paper that made me seem intelligent... until the last line. Still it was nice.

And for some reason, I can't get this Comedy Central video to embed, so be brave and click the link. It's The Daily Show where Jon Stewart explains how stupid most of the new governors are.

And BabyBoy's friend will be fine, although not going to Universal this month.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Bits of This and That

I am stuck at work for another half hour, because I went to the going away luncheon of someone I didn't really like and it took TWO hours. It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to be here when the docs are not, but there is so much that does not make sense already, that I do not have time to concern myself with this one.

Coming to the end of Week 2 of Term IV. I am taking my introductary Political Science class, because, I still have one more to go... class that is. And I have to have a certain number of classes actually taken at Troy, so I decided a History minor would go well for me. And I am considering getting the Master's in History instead of Poli Sci, but who knows? I only know that the politics of the world make no sense, and I feel like I need to DO something. But what? With history, people should have DONE something, but I can't change it now.

Why are we bombing the snot out of Libya? It has nothing to do with the people of Libya, because there is mass slaughter all over the globe every day and we do nothing.  Couldn't that money be spent on helping Japan? Or Haiti? Or New Jersey? (That was a joke!)

Did you know that the lungs of healthy, tall, skinny people can just COLLAPSE? Wow. BabyBoy was leaving after work this afternoon to go spend a couple of days visiting Hogwarts (where I was supposed to take him in January, but we went to DC in October instead) and he isn't going because his buddy's lung just collapsed this morning. The friend is at the hospital and will be for a bit. The MDs and PhDs explained it to me but what I retained is that the lining of the lungs of tall, skinny people are very very thin & they always have extra liquid in and around their organs. I've never been tall and skinny, and now I am neither, but that is a little disconcerting.

Why can't Congress pass a budget? Why are they so concerned about women's uteruses? What the hell happened to my precious state? Attempting to get rid of all the teachers, not paying the ones that are left, drug testing welfare recipients? WTF?

My half hour is up. I have to read about 75 pages tonight on how technology has made the world flat.

OH! And DSD is now EMPLOYED! Thank you for all of your happy thoughts! I think he may be working for the same company, in the same department where Fallenmonk works!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awake the State!

Tuesday March 8, 2011 is the first day of the new Florida legislature. What have they been doing in the two months since they were sworn in? Who the heck knows? But so far all they seem to have managed is to annoy the crap out of a lot of people.

Rick Scott says no to high speed rail and the jobs and billions of dollars it will provide.. even after Senator Bill Nelson managed to get the towns on the I4 corridor to guarantee the additional money needed so the state will not be on the hook.

Senator Don Gaetz has introduced a bill declaring that medicaid recipients should be forced to lose weight, and stop smoking and drinking or stop receiving coverage.

Florida's proposed budget is set to drop all corporate taxes and property taxes (mine runs less than $800.00 a year) AND to cut funding to education, prisons, police forces, firefighters, and many OTHER public workers, while requiring them to pay more for health care and their retirement.

Does anyone else thing I have possibly moved to Wisconsin?

Well, I'm mad and I'm not going to take it anymore.

I will be at the Destin Commons next Tuesday night. I will be holding a sign. I may be holding a microphone. I have to get off Blogger and call the news media. It's time for Floridians to stand up and shout that we LIKE our middle class. We LIKE our teachers.


I signed on the organize this thing.. and now I am having heart palpitations!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Congratulations Governor Scott

In a couple of days shy of two months in office you have managed to force a miracle. TRUE bipartisanship is occuring in our great state. Democrats and Republicans from the I4 corridor are coming together in a beautiful gesture... but filing a lawsuit against the governor. And introducing legislation that will allow a citizen recall.

Kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Protests/Rallies being scheduled all over the state next week. No one seems to be interested in NW Florida. Watch out. I am considering doing it myself!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama Administration Drops Defense of DOMA!

Just when I am feeling really down about the fact that Wisconsin and Indiana are attempting to take away workers' right, about the fact that people are still listening to Beck, and Limbaugh is calling my First Lady FAT, just when I realize that may Canada won't be too cold.. something good happens.

It's another baby step, but according to this quick story from the Human Rights Campaign, it is a step in the right direction.. another step toward equality.

We have to appreciate the little steps, since the big ones aren't happening!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanking Those Who Are Standing for Wisconsin Workers.

Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson, who is one of the senators in hiding, laid out the stakes in an open letter and asked for our support:

The ability to organize and get fair treatment are qualities that built our country... If this bill moves forward in Wisconsin, rights in all America we have grown to take for granted will no longer be so reliable... If this passes here, it will pass in your state... It is an unprecedented attack on workers, their communities and our tradition of working with labor to move our state forward... I am seeking your support for the fight ahead of us.

I signed the petition thanking those who did the only thing they could to prevent a complete government takeover of workers' rights. Please sign also.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts! **UPDATED**

DSD has a job interview in 10 minutes. I really need him to go back to work, even if it is just parttime. He really needs to go back to work also.

I will let you know as soon as I know anything!


The interview lasted almost an hour. He and the manager bonded over their Navy experiences, they said they would let him know by the end of the week. We all have our fingers (and toes & eyes) crossed!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Can Take Your Reform And...

 This story was on the local news last night. Apparently Florida is going to tell D. C. to shove their Medicaid dollars if they (D.C.) doesn't want to play by Florida's rules. I hope those who elected Scott are happy. I also hope those who didn't vote are happy. I knew it was going to get bad, but....

On the radio this morning (NPR) which the righties also want to de-fund, had a nice story on the Medicaid Reform proposed by Florida Senator Don Gaetz. It is supposed to be unveiled this morning, but the little I got off the radio made my head explode.

Apparently Senator Gaetz (Republican) believes it is ok from the government to stick its nose even further into the business of the people of this state.  According to the news story linked to above, "and provide incentives to stop drinking and smoking."  Hey, great, providing incentives is great, right? But the story goes on to quote the Senator saying, "We say in the bill that we expect them to be engaged in a smoking sensation program that’s medically directed.”


Do you know what this means? The Florida poor will be required to stop smoking, stop drinking, and lose weight or they will forfeit their medicaid.

I was very pleasant to the young man on the phone in the Senator's office, it's not his fault his boss is a jerk. I explained that this was unconstitutional because government does not have a right to make these demands, and he explained that the Senator felt this would save money for the state. I asked him how the Senator felt about abortion, because requiring women to bring unwanted, unloved children who couldn't be afforded into this world cost a lot also. He shut up.

This is such a slippery slope and this cannot be allowed to happen. People should want to be healthy. People should want to stop smoking, and lose weight. But allowing government to MAKE them will eventually mean allowing government to make other decisions for them.. for us, which includes who to marry, how/when/what to reproduce. Where to work. Where to live.

I also called my Florida Rep, just to tell her that I was against this bill, if it ever gets to the House. I have to go write Gaetz and explain myself further.

Wow, I am MAD. And really a little scared.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thanks for Nothin'

A story on NPR today made me think of one of my favorite childhood stories, "The Little Red Hen." I am not going to tell it here, so if you don't know the story, do a quick Google search on it. But according to the fine folks at All Things Considererd, Americans WANT new, safe, bridges and roads, but not if there is going to a $0.02 gas tax.  They want Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They want their children to have quality education.  But they don't want to PAY for it. And they don't want it cut!!

What do they want to cut? Foreign aid. All that money sent to Africa to help with A.I.D.S. education, and all that money that was sent to Haiti, and all the money sent to..... how much will that save us? It amounts to less than 1% of the total budget.

How about we make corporations pay their share? How about we tax all income, including capital gains taxes? How about we PAY our fair share?

I am game. Due to the tuition I pay for myself and BabyBoy, DSD and I are getting back a really stupid amount of money. Our total tax bill is probably less than $2,000. Sad. That's not going to go very far.

Why don't we start making our veterans pay into their own retirement? Why don't we make Congress?

Not I, said the duck. Not I, said the pig. Not I, said the cow. I guess I will do it all myself then, said the little red hen, and she did.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Face The Facts

I believe that I have posted on my belief that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional before, but I only have a few minutes, so I am not going to hunt it up right now.  There is a long list of reasons that people should be allowed to marry whomever they choose (yea, sorry, even bigamy doesn't freak me out as long as it CONSENSUAL among ADULTS), but I was just reading an article on The Huffington Post and I realized that my reasoning for declaring it unconstitutional is different than that of the author's.

Professor Stone says that DOMA is unconstitutional due to the 14th amendment's Equal Protection Clause which was put into place after the Civil War to try to ensure equality for those who had been slaves.  But I have always felt that Article IV Section 1, aka, the Full Faith and Credit Clause should be called into action first. That article states that each state must give credit to any acts, records, or judicial proceedings of any other state. It is the reason that DSD and I are married everywhere we go. It is also the reason that, if I moved out of Florida, I would still be responsible for paying the mortgage on my house here. Or the mortgage company could come after me. No matter where I live.

So when ONE state made marriage between same sex couples legal, then every other state is LEGALLY bound to recognize that marriage. A same sex couple should be allowed to marry in Hawaii (great place to get married!!) and return home to Montana and set up housekeeping, be covered on each other's health insurance, file taxes, and fight like every other married couple.  They should also be allowed to divorce. In Montana. According to Article IV Section 1.

So between me & Professor Stone, we should have this sorted out in a few hours and we can get back to the issues with the economy.* Sweet.

*Allowing same sex couples to marry would be a HUGE boost to the economy, wouldn't it? One of my friends is getting married in a couple of weeks. Over $22,000. On one day. And I thought the $5,000 we spent was a little over the top!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Stop Glen Beck

I don't watch FoxNews.  The gym I was a member of always had it on, but there was also ESPN, and other channels on also, so I wasn't stuck watching it. Watching Beck.  The couple of times I ended up on a bike right in front of him, the lies that rolled off of his tongue made me sick, but not as sick as those who seemed glued to the screen.

I don't watch, so I don't have a lot of power with the advertisers on Fox or Beck's show. But I signed the Petition that you can find over at The Swash Zone.  Excellent post, very well written. Beck needs to go. Will you help?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Completely Ready For Spring

Just a few random things I wanted to share.

**I seem to spend a great deal of time on Facebook arguing with the right.  It makes me tired. Especially when I post a link explaining why I am boycotting Chik-Fil-A and a friend from high school starts posting links to their Valentine's Party.**

**My instructor for my Biology Lab opened up all of the quizzes for the rest of the term, so I have finished that class already. I managed an A by the hair of my chinny chin chin.**

**I have a healthy A in my Administrative Law class. I am Facebook friends with one of the women in the class. We had another class together, back in the fall, and we really hit it off.  She seems to spend a lot more time than I do on her homework and projects.  Don't get me wrong, the class is A LOT of work, but I have never taken 6 hours on a quiz. I am not positive that I spent a full 6 hours on the (take home) mid-term, although DSD did pull me off the computer 2 nights during the week before the Super Bowl and said, "GO TO BED."  Does that make me smarter than she is? Just able to grasp it easier? I don't know. She seems very intelligent. I wonder about these things.**

**I am doing a lot more cooking at home using fresh (well, store bought) ingredients and I can tell a difference in the food. There is a new Farmer's Market here locally and I think I am going to head up there next Saturday.**

**I hope that my garden does better this year. I have everything planned beautifully, from the time to start plants from seed, to when to transplant them, and which ones to start in the ground. Unfortunately, those tomatoes & peppers I started last month didn't do anything. Why? Well, we turn the heat down at night & 60 is a bit too chilly, especially for peppers. Who knew? The onions are not a healthy bunch either. But the peas and the spinach I started in the raised bed two weeks ago are just peeping their little green heads up this afternoon. I almost peed my pants I was so thrilled!**

**I heard my state Representative Marti Coley saying that the Education Committee was not happy with Governor Scott's budget recommendations and that they would have some budget suggestions of their own. (Scott is SLASHING education, prison, and police budgets to name a few while cutting property taxes and corporate taxes). I agreed with her and called her office to tell her staff that. I thought the young man I spoke with was going to cry. "Really? You called to say you were happy with the Representative?" It was funny and sad. If your Senator or Representative has done something you agree with, TELL them.**

**I also called my Senator Bill Nelson to tell him I was NOT impressed with budget coming out of the House and that I did NOT want the budget to public broadcasting cut. And I volunteered to help out on his re-election campaign next year.  The people who are going to run against him are as right wing as they come.**

**There is probably more, but it is time to start the potatoes, make the salad, and then work on the pork loin.  I don't know this Betty Crocker me has come from, but I am loving it!**

Y'all be safe out there and keep up the great work!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And In a Supportive Stand


I do not believe there is a better breakfast in all the land than a deep fried piece of chicken tossed onto a homemade buttermilk biscuit (except for WhatABurger's because there biscuit is also covered in butter and honey), but I cannot/will not eat another Chik-Fil-A meal until they understand that they must not support an anti-homosexual agenda.  They must not donate time, food, or money to anyone who supports an anti-gay agenda.

Until they can show me they believe in equality for ALL, I will have to eat breakfast bars at my desk.

Are You Spreading Love or Hate?

I have been very annoyed by the fact that Blogger lost my really awesome post about hate, and I have not had much time to do anything except get through last week's mid-terms (I know this is college and all, but don't you think 2 quizzes, a mid-term, a discussion board post, and a project rough draft due all on the same day.. which was Super Bowl Sunday.. was a bit much for ONE stinking class?).

But several weeks ago, my ex-husband's new wife (who is a Facebook friend, and someone I normally enjoy IRL) posted a link to a free book written by Dr. James Dobson.  It was titled, "Daddys and Daughters" and she is ordering this for her little girls, or maybe for their father, and, trust me, he could use the help with his parenting skills. I mentioned that I was pretty certain that Dr. Dobson spreads hatred about homosexuals and that he was the one who want after that poor Teletubby (I was wrong, it was Spongebob he didn't like), and that I was not certain that she wanted that sort of information around her girls. (BabyBoy's 2nd little sister was born Thanksgiving weekend, so there is now a 3 year old and a 2 month old).

The conversation did not go well from there. She asked for proof, I provided links. A friend of hers told me that I didn't know what I was talking about, and she (BabyBoy's step mother) explained that she had been raised reading Dr. Dobson, and that he didn't HATE gays, he LOVES everyone, he just believes that homosexuality is a sin. Then came the $64,000 question, "I believe that homosexuality is a sin," she typed, "do you believe that I am spreading hate?"

I admit it. I chickened out and just didn't answer her.

Because yes, telling others, especially young children, that homosexuality is a sin IS SPREADING HATE. While the Bible tells us that we should hate the sin, but love the sinner, most of us are a little too human for that. So being told that a person's lifestyle (one that I believe is NOT CHOSEN) is something that God disagrees with gives others the right to disagree with it. Being told that homosexuals are going to hell is spreading hate. And if the person that you are explaining all of this to just happens to realize that she is gay one day, now you have spread fear.

I don't believe there is a parent in any land who has a child and looks down into its sleeping face and prays that that child will be gay. I would almost bet that homosexuals do not pray that their children will be gay. It is a difficult life fraught with uncertainty, and, sadly, at times danger.

We have come a long way in this country toward accepting homosexuality as normal, but not far enough. And will never be truly equal, or truly free, if people continue to raise their children to hate and the hatred is continuously being spread.

Even if that hatred is as innocuous as labeling a person's lifestyle as a sin.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Did Too!

I wrote an entire post about hatred, where it comes from, because we are not born hating. It took an entire day, off and on, because I was at work and was running around.

But I saved it everytime I walked away from my computer and at the end of the day it was done and I clicked "PUBLISH POST" and was quite impressed by my awesomeness.

And I came back the next day and it was a draft. About 3 lines long.

I was quite disturbed.  But I wanted to tell you that I had not run away as I did last year. I am behind on my reading AND my writing, but this is mid-term week and I have plenty to write on Nelson vs NASA. (No, not MAJOR Anthony Nelson.. in case you were wondering.)

I hope 2011 is going well for you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Blame Game

    DSD very stubbornly pays almost 0 attention to politics. I think he probably paid more attention before I was always up in his grill about them, but who knows? We started dating about 10 days after the 2000 election and moved in together less than 6 months before the towers fell, so I have been in his grill about politics since the beginning of our relationship.
    He was napping when Rep Giffords was shot. I ranted and raved on Facebook to my family and friends there. In the last half hour I showed him the map of the bull that was posted some months ago. I have seen it in several places today, but most recently on the site "The Swash Zone." I did not show him who had posted it or that it was originally a Sarah Palin post, but I asked him if the person who posted this BS with a bullseye should be counted as responsible. He looked at me like I was nuts. And I remembered looking at my dad with the same expression prior to 1985 (the year I graduated) when he asked me (after watching an episode on "Quincy" in which a teen ager killed him or herself) about my music.  And I remembered that at that time, I thought it was not the responsibility of Kiss, or Ozzy, or Twisted Sister if people listened to their music and thought the music was telling them to kill themselves or others.
I remember watching movies/videos/games and thinking that people who listened to them were just a little off from normal.
I think Sarah Palin is poison. I think she is only in ANYTHING for herself and what she can get. I have friends who live in Wasilla who attended church with her who think she is sweet and kind and blah blah blah. But I can't blame the... female dog.. for someone who may have misinterpreted her BS and acted upon it. Maybe this is what she intended. Maybe it isn't. She didn't point the gun or pull the trigger. And she should SHUT UP. But she should not be prosecuted.

Only Questions


At this point all we know is that as many as 18 were shot in a parking lot of a Safeway in Arizona. At least 5 are dead, including a 9 year old child and a federal judge. Representative Gabriel Giffords has survived a gunshot to her head and surgery, but she is still in critical condition.

I pray (and I don't use that word lightly) that this was not politically motivated, but if it was, I hope each and every one of the victims or their families sues the shit out of the person who placed a BULLSEYE on Congresswoman Giffords. I hope Sarah Palin loses everything.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What About Yours?

Have you written your Congressional Representative lately? Why or why not?

I have all of the "newbies" in my cell phone. I put them in there yesterday because I could not find the information on Wednesday. And I still have no email address for Rubio, but that does not shock me.

As soon as Steve Southerland's information was up I sent him a quick get acquainted email that said something like, "You ran for the House on the platform of repealing the new health care law. Do you intend to take advantage of taxpayer provided insurance? Why?"  Or something like that.

I have not liked Southerland for years. As the owner of a local funeral home he was featured in a lovely story several years ago on the local news about some poor families father who had died and they had called Southerland. As the grave was being dug huge tree roots were found that was going to require more equipment to remove and the funeral home said it was up to the family to foot the bill. What an ass. I never did hear the resolution, but at the time of the story. OH Look a YouTube video of the story.

Oddly enough he has not yet written back. Do you think he will? Maybe a form letter?

I will write Rubio as soon as I can find an email address. Or maybe I will just call him.

On another note about the "newbies" regarding our newly sworn in Governor: I didn't vote for Rick Scott. I never liked Rick Scott. I think he is probably the biggest crook to ever be elected in our state and OH BOY! is that saying a lot. But when he received praise from Jeb "Let's all be concerned with fetuses and vegetables and stick our noses where they don't belong while social services LOSES living, breathing children" Bush? I almost had to pull my car over to throw up.

We are so incredibly screwed I just cannot stand it. But even people like me who 'blog and try to educate people and vote obviously didn't do enough to get out the vote and get other likeminded people to the polls. Maybe we deserve this too?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Analysis of Jon Stewart's Rally Speech

Speech Analysis of Jon Stewart’s closing speech at “The Rally to Restore Sanity.”

            On a breezy October day in front of a crowd of 215,000 with the Capital Building providing a dramatic backdrop, Jon Stewart explained why we were all there.  With only about fifteen minutes left of an entertaining three hour program that included Ozzy Osborne, R2D2, and The O’Jays, Mr. Stewart turned serious and described what he was trying to accomplish with this rally and that while it was and had been fun, it was important that the people who were there, and those watching at home, remember that we could all work together in the United States to get things done.  That most of us do every single day.
            Jon Stewart was very careful to tell everyone that our country is in crisis.  That our country has far to go to get back to anything resembling normal and that times are difficult. But then he explained times are difficult, but that does not mean that we are staring at the end of the world, or even of life as we know it.  That we can get past this and get through this and we can come out on the far side, stronger for it.
            Mr. Stewart lay into the media with both barrels, lambasting those who are supposed to deliver our news to us as not only unfair and unbalanced, but as over dramatists and reactionaries who are not giving the people of the United States anything resembling true news.  The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems and illuminate problems heretofore unseen, or it can use its magnifying glass to light ants on fire, and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous-flaming-ant epidemic,” he said, showing his characteristic humor even while expounding on his theory that as a comedian, he is not a politician.
            My favorite part of Jon Stewart’s speech was when he played a video of cars merging as the road narrowed from three or four lanes into two as the cars entered a tunnel.  Jon made guesses about each driver of each car as they merged, “that’s a school teacher who thinks taxes are too high…there’s a mom with two kids who can’t think about anything else...another car, the lady’s in the NRA. She loves Oprah…An investment banker, gay, also likes Oprah,” and explained that these cars and these drivers at this particular space and time was us. The United States. America. A microcosm of the good and the bad and hateful. Each and every one of us.  Mr. Stewart explained that America is a bunch of really busy people trying to get through each day and that we are and that we will and that while it does not appear to be true, we will all be better off in the end, because we can work together and we can compromise and we can accept and learn from each. No matter where we were born, the color of our skin, where we go to church or who we voted for in the last election. That we will be fine. One compromise at a time.

A Brief Hello!

Back to work, back to school, very lazy about posting during the holidays, that is me in a nutshell. But our Christmas was filled with family (some of which I actually like) and our New Year celebration was filled with alcohol and good friends without a hangover on Saturday.

On top of that, apparently Penn State wanted to lose the Outback Bowl more than the Gators did, so Coach Meyer finished his time with the Gator Nation on a high note!

I am STILL working on the post about DC and the blogger meet-up. It will happen.

But someone (I don't remember who) asked me to post the analysis I did of Jon Stewart's Rally Speech. The analysis was for my speech class and (reading back over it) I think (with a great deal of false modesty) I did a pretty good job.

That will be the next post.

I would like to post about the upcoming end of the world also, but maybe someone already has?

Happy 2011 To Each and Every One of You!