Thursday, October 22, 2009

Really Quick

Hello!! I hope everyone is well. I am well. Just insanely busy. Still.

Term 1 is completed. I managed 2 A's and 1 B. That World Politics class was TOUGH. I am really lucky I got a B, I think.

Into the 2nd week of Term 2. Working my butt off. I keep thinking I am going to have a stroke or something, but I keep getting up and going to work and going home, cooking dinner, studying and sleeping. Wow.

This weekend, I have 3 papers due on Sunday for ONE class (assignments in the other class are completed and turned in) and DSD and I are leaving in the morning for Starkville, MS to watch UF play @ Mississippi St. I figure I can write the papers (2 are started) on the way and type them on his laptop on the way home. I hope.

Keeping a close eye on the President. I want the rest of the TARP money to go toward healthcare. I don't think bailing out anyone else is a good idea, but I do like the idea of capping salaries for those businesses who have not paid the taxpayers back. Is that legal?

Why is Glenn Beck still allowed on the air? I have emailed and called sponsors. I have complained. How does anyone with a brain believe the lies on put out by the hate mongers? Sad state our country is in.

Trying to eat healthier, less processed food. It is more work to PLAN the meals, but not really to cook them. I spend a lot of time on

That isn't all, that isn't even CLOSE, but I have to shut down the computer and get out of here for a doctor's appointment. Maybe I will have a minute before the end of the month?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Asked you NOT to say anything

I need some advice from anyone stopping by here.

In this morning's stupid, "let's all get along" meeting the boss (who was on speaker phone) began to give her opinion on the current President and his administration. I (loudly) asked her NOT to give her opinion, explained that I leaned left and that I had voted for this President. She then went on to say she didn't like this administration, she felt it was not doing a good job and she didn't like democrats. She got off the phone shortly after that and I left the meeting.


I have just gone several rounds with an employee who steals time and who does not do her job and lost. I do not know that I have the energy to go several more and I will probably lose again.

But her comments were completely inappropriate and unprofessional for the setting. Obviously she is entitled to her opinion, but it was not the time or place to express them.

Any ideas on what I should do from here?

I Should Be Working on My Final Exam

I have completed 2. I got an A in the 1 credit Orientation class and an A in Western Civ II. I had an A after the mid-term in World Politics, but I am not holding my breath on that one. This is a very difficult class. The Final exam is a scenario that must be answered by a no more than 5 page paper. I think I have a page. Maybe. But my brain hurts.

DSD is out of town, playing golf. I know, I know, he is unemployed, but this has been paid for quite some time and he does go most years. I am actually enjoying the peace and quiet and the remote. I am experimenting with new foods and foods that DSD does not enjoy or (most likely) will not try. Saturday I made an avocado dip. Not bad. Sunday was broiled burgers smothered in Emeril's Creole Seasoning. Monday was homemade pizza. The sauce is the homemade part, I can't imagine ever making my own pizza dough. Today there is a pot roast in the slow cooker. My husband, bless him, does not like pot roast. Ok, he always loves it when I cook it, but he doesn't like the IDEA of it. Ever.

BabyBoy and I are going to see "Zombieland" tonight. Over the weekend I am going to take him to see "Capitalism - A Love Story."

Soon, I am going to HAVE to finish that paper. But not today.