Monday, April 2, 2012

The Death of a Child....

Is there anything more horrific than the thought of burying your child? I cannot even breathe at the thought as I sit here putting off icing the cupcakes I have lovingly prepared for BabyBoy's 23rd birthday tomorrow. (How did that happen so FAST?)

DSD and I went to visit his parents last weekend - about an hour from Sanford, FL. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and there was a large rally being held requesting justice for Trayvon Martin. Thousands were shown on the news. Thousands of mostly black people. (Y'all know I really wanted to be there, right?) I was dumbfounded by the comments of my completely non-racist in-laws. Things like "There's going to be trouble there." "That is so not a good idea." "They are just asking for trouble." WHAT?!?!? A child is dead. Justice should be sought!

Then there is the girl who I befriended when we were in class together about a year and a half ago, who seems to think it is her duty to remind us all that jumping to conclusions is not a good idea. She has gone from someone I thought was a card carrying Democrat to some crazy gun-toting, planning to vote for any Republican who runs because she hates Mexicans. (I have Republican friends, I just like to know what I am getting myself into.) The thing that makes me the MOST nuts (and she is a blog post all by herself) is that she keeps telling ME that she understands these things because she is majoring in Political Science. HELLOOOO! She is also more than a year away from graduation. I am (in case I forgot to mention it today) 6 weeks and 6 days away!

Trayvon Martin was a typical 17 year old - obsessed with girls and getting by. But also by the overwhelming thought of college, the future, and life. And all of that is now gone. Justice has NOT been done in this case. A child is dead and someone should be charged in that death. Preferably the man who followed him and then pulled the trigger.

I have more... but I have cupcakes to ice. I am very thankful that I can celebrate my child's birthday tomorrow. RIP Trayvon.