Monday, February 14, 2011

Help Stop Glen Beck

I don't watch FoxNews.  The gym I was a member of always had it on, but there was also ESPN, and other channels on also, so I wasn't stuck watching it. Watching Beck.  The couple of times I ended up on a bike right in front of him, the lies that rolled off of his tongue made me sick, but not as sick as those who seemed glued to the screen.

I don't watch, so I don't have a lot of power with the advertisers on Fox or Beck's show. But I signed the Petition that you can find over at The Swash Zone.  Excellent post, very well written. Beck needs to go. Will you help?


Brandon said...

I can't watch Fox News for longer than 3 minutes, and I'm surprised that it is tuned on in so many public places. Not only the gym, but doctor's offices, restaurants.

I'm not sure what's more dangerous...someone like Glen Beck, or the people that follow him blindly.

Octopus said...

Dear L3,
Please accept my thanks for your support. Here is a footnote worthy of mention:

One of the Tucson shooting victims left a comment under my post today. Her blogging name is Ashleigh Burroughs but her real name is Suzi Hileman. Suzi is the one who brought the 9-year old named Christina Taylor Green to Congresswoman Gifford's event in Tucson. As everyone knows from the headlines, the child died that day. Suzi Hileman was shot three times and suffers massive hip damage. She came over to the Swash Zone to leave a comment and endorse the petition.

Please check back for future updates (probably later in the week).