Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Bits of This and That

I am stuck at work for another half hour, because I went to the going away luncheon of someone I didn't really like and it took TWO hours. It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to be here when the docs are not, but there is so much that does not make sense already, that I do not have time to concern myself with this one.

Coming to the end of Week 2 of Term IV. I am taking my introductary Political Science class, because, I still have one more to go... class that is. And I have to have a certain number of classes actually taken at Troy, so I decided a History minor would go well for me. And I am considering getting the Master's in History instead of Poli Sci, but who knows? I only know that the politics of the world make no sense, and I feel like I need to DO something. But what? With history, people should have DONE something, but I can't change it now.

Why are we bombing the snot out of Libya? It has nothing to do with the people of Libya, because there is mass slaughter all over the globe every day and we do nothing.  Couldn't that money be spent on helping Japan? Or Haiti? Or New Jersey? (That was a joke!)

Did you know that the lungs of healthy, tall, skinny people can just COLLAPSE? Wow. BabyBoy was leaving after work this afternoon to go spend a couple of days visiting Hogwarts (where I was supposed to take him in January, but we went to DC in October instead) and he isn't going because his buddy's lung just collapsed this morning. The friend is at the hospital and will be for a bit. The MDs and PhDs explained it to me but what I retained is that the lining of the lungs of tall, skinny people are very very thin & they always have extra liquid in and around their organs. I've never been tall and skinny, and now I am neither, but that is a little disconcerting.

Why can't Congress pass a budget? Why are they so concerned about women's uteruses? What the hell happened to my precious state? Attempting to get rid of all the teachers, not paying the ones that are left, drug testing welfare recipients? WTF?

My half hour is up. I have to read about 75 pages tonight on how technology has made the world flat.

OH! And DSD is now EMPLOYED! Thank you for all of your happy thoughts! I think he may be working for the same company, in the same department where Fallenmonk works!


Ahab said...

I'm sorry to hear about BabyBoy's friend. What a nasty predicament to be in.

True Blue Texan said...

My husband called me a lobbyist just this evening because I attended two Lobby Days this month. Since the Texas Lege only meets every other year, it gets pretty crazy in Austin when they're in session.
I've never done anything like it before but I just couldn't sit still and watch the craziness anymore.

Go for the PoliSci masters. History is important, God knows not enough people know anything about it, but PoliSci might help you understand what the heck's going on.

And then you can share.

LeftLeaningLady said...

My Bachelors will be in PoliSci, but what I am learning is pretty much just telling me that I am never going to know anything. :-)

fallenmonk said...

Good for DSD. It is not too easy and the pay sucks but it is pay and it has some access to health insurance. It is also very different.

LeftLeaningLady said...

We are very fortunate that we have Tricare and a supplement so health care was not the issue. Part of the issue was money (and he is only getting part time hours!) but the other part was that he was feeling very depressed and could not seem to shake it. I suggested counselling, but he swore he didn't need it. He is doing better though to be back to being productive. And hopefully this will not be his forever job, just his for now one.