Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keeping Busy!

I should be working, but I thought that maybe a few minutes to catch up with my reading is in order. I do appreciate the kind comments that all of you leave and I try to return the favor... when I have some free time.

My plan was to start with a lovely picture of my lovely green garden to allow you to see the raised box filled with soil, lovely green bean plants that may take over, onions, radishes, peas, cucumbers, squash,  turnips, and brocolli. YUM! Plus the 5 gallon buckets standing along side the bed holding my tomato plants. There are more tomatoes, and some peppers, but they are not seen in the picture. Why won't blogger let me upload my pretty picture?  I will keep trying, but I may have to do it from another computer.

I've tried again, but it just isn't happening.

In the comments from the last post Carl asked if I could post a link to the newspaper article, or post the article. I could not find a link to it, and my scanner doesn't produce JPEGs and Blogger doesn't read PDFs (why not?), but I will try to use another scanner and see what I can do.

In Week 5 of Term IV now, getting close to the Revolutionary War in Colonial History, learning the basics of Political Science in the other class (I can't ever remember the name), took one mid-term last Wednesday (how long does it take to grade?) and another tonight.. probably. I need to start the paper that is due next Tuesday (I've chosen to look at how Ireland is doing in a growing global economy... since it had to be bailed out last year) and finish reading the book for the other paper.

Work is crazy. I would still be here even if the rest of the government had completely shut down last Friday, because I am a contract employee. Of course we've been living on extension after extension of the contract, but I think that is coming to an end. I should have a new employer by the end of next month.  Same job, new employer. I hope that will help with the issues that I have had on and off around here for the last couple of years. Maybe it will ensure that other people are required to actually be here for 40 hours a week. Maybe.

Things are bad in my wonderful state and while I write letters and make phone calls, I am stuck firmly over here in Right Wing Country, where people love them some Tricky Ricky. Not everyone is crazy about the goings on in Tallahassee, these lovely grannies are probably not going to get a recording contract, but I would love to find a bumper sticker:

Thank you to Hen's Teeth

But while laughter is the best medicine, knowing that teachers, firefighters, police officers, and all state workers are losing ground every day isn't funny. Neither is the attack on my body parts. And knowing that there isn't much than can be done until January 2013 makes me a little sick to my stomach. Will I even be employable then? Or will Sharia Law be in place.. or the "christian" version of it.

I have more to say, but now Blogger won't let me change the font color, and I am finished with lunch, so I need to get back to work. I hope your states are all doing better than mine!


Nance said...

I admire your activity level! It makes me believe in the basic balance of the universe to note that someone else provides the energy I seem to lack lately. Spring fever, perhaps? Or roller coaster barometric stylings here at the beach.

Stuck in a Right Wing spot...I smell what you're stepping in, girl.

LeftLeaningLady said...

And it is pretty nasty!

You have plenty of energy, making up your very own spring dances with that precious baby. I can't wait to see ours in July. Maybe Blogger will let me upload pictures by then.