Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sad Day for Us All

We all knew this day was coming, most people do not live for over a year with brain cancer and he had made it for several months past that. But I was not ready to hear about it this morning on the radio. I would never have been ready to hear about it and I can only imagine how heart breaking it is for his family, friends and co-workers.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate and haunted bearer of the Camelot torch after two of his brothers fell to assassins' bullets, has died at his home in Hyannis Port after battling a brain tumor. He was 77.

He owed this country nothing. He had money, he didn't need to work, but he spent almost 50 years toiling for a better, brighter America.

He wasn't perfect and there will be many stories about his failings over the next days, weeks and months, but it is my belief that we, as a nation, should appreciate the things he worked so hard to provide. Today is a sad day as we remember him and there will come a time when the health care bill is signed into law and the day will be bittersweet because he is not with us to celebrate.

My thoughts are with his family.

RIP, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, D - Mass. Thank you for your service.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Much To Do!

What a week! What a month!

I don't know about you, but I am tired. And I am not sure I am ever going to get caught up.

Henry and the LittleMan are GONE. Safe and sound in California. LittleMan may be back for Christmas (who knows, his mother changes her story from minute to minute) but Henry should never, ever be back in the state of Florida. I am eternally grateful for that and Lola does not seem to be lonely as DSD said she would.

Claudette was a big fat nothing. I guess there were those who panicked over the impending doom that she was bringing, but, honestly, she cooled things off nicely and filled up the pool. I didn't notice a lot of thunder or lightning or even much more than a brisk breeze. I had to work yesterday, the storm was a bust.

I am back in school. On line classes at Troy University where I will eventually receive my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. I am taking 7 credit hours, which didn't sound like much until it hit me that these classes are given in terms, not semesters. I will not be taking these 7 hours for 16 weeks, but for 9. NINE. Which pretty much means if I have a free minute, it is spent reading or writing something for class.

I am not abandoning this blog. I am not even really taking a break, at least not one I have control over. I will be around. I will post when I can. I will do my best to pop in on your blogs as often as possible. But it won't be as often as it has been. :-(

Until Christmas break, then I will have some free time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Out of Here

Because the LittleMan is in the process of moving to California, we are headed to Central Florida for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and spend time with his grandparents. I love them all, but thinking about this makes me want a nap.

I will be back on Monday. Maybe Sunday. Have a great weekend and don't let the WingNuts get you down!

A Brain, and an Athlete, and a Basket Case...

A princess and a criminal.

So ends my absolutely favorite John Hughes movie.

I came of age in a John Hughes era of teen coming of age movies. They, and the Brat Pack, defined who I was, what I wore and what I wanted to be when I grew up. And my speech is still peppered with John Hughes movie references to this day.

John passed away today of a heart attack at age 59. His movies were amazing and I will never forget him or the charactars he brought to my life. I have even introduced many of his movies to my 20 year old son and we watch them together.

Thank you, John, for the fun, for the charactars, for the quotes ("Smoke up Johnny") for the laughter and even for the tears.

RIP John Hughes, director extraordinaire.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybe This Will Spur the Right Wing

This is a tragedy. A family torn apart by disease. I watched the video twice, but still couldn't hear the name of the disease causing this poor child's suffering, and that of her family and friends. She is obviously very ill, unable to walk. It appears that she can not speak or sit without help. It does not appear that she is being kept alive by artificial means, just public assistance.

I have no problem with public assistance helping out this child, this family. Situations like this are exactly why we have medicaid and welfare in this country. Situations like this and so, so many others. But I am hoping, since this child is barely more than a vegetable, barely more than a mass of cells with a beating heart, the right wingers will be able to realize that healthcare reform will help her. It will help those like her, like Terri Schiavo, who are in permanently debilitated states.

Since, obviously, the Rushpublican party can only help those who have no brain power or thought processes of their own.

Send your love, your thoughts, your prayers, whatever you have or believe to this family. They need all the warm thoughts they can get.

But write your Congressman. We can't let the crazies control this country any longer.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Facebook Exchange **Updated**

A Facebook friend posted, "is almost finished readng "The Cashflow Quadrant." If you have to ask, then you are NOT in the know. If you are not in the know, send me a message. I'll get you there."

I commented something like, "Sure let's all get rich selling a book about how to get rich."
I do not know exactly what my comment was because my 'friend' deleted it.

He then emailed me,

"Subject line: Why So Cynical?

typical dummy-crat comment: if we all can't be rich, why should anyone? you guys need people like us to subsidize those of you (not saying "you" literllay) standing in line waiting for universal handouts. LOL"

WOW! dummy-crat, really? I am offended.

So I emailed back,

"Oh, X, my friend. And all these years, I thought I loved you for your brain. Obviously that wasn't it at all.

I didn't say "no one should be rich," I said, "stop reading stupid books about 'get rich quick' schemes" Trust me, if you knew my dad and my brother anything that even hints at one day not being a working stiff is suspect.

And, no, I don't need or want your handouts (or anyone else's), but it is amazing to me that the Rushpublicans are so against lending a helping hand when it is needed. Maybe if we all helped out a little the government handouts wouldn't be necessary. What is wrong with helping your neighbor, even if that neighbor is across the country?

I am, at times, a cynic, but I think that is because there are so many people in this country screaming about God and country and then shitting on the first person that walks by. I would rather be a cynic than a hypocrite."

I thought I handled that very well. I will post any further exchanges.

Update: My friend replied, apologized, said he is not a right wing nutjob and that he was just teasing me. He said he hoped I continued to love him for whatever reason.

I wrote him back and said that there was a tiny little chance that I had over reacted. I am a wee bit stressed out (and exhausted) and tend to fly off the handle quite easily.

So, we will continue to be friends. But, man, my response was well written. :-)

Are You A Citizen?

Is anyone?

I have stayed away from the entire Obama birth certificate crisis, because, well, the entire thing is just re-damn-diculous and others were handling it so very well. Then a co-worker came in earlier while I was watching an MSNBC clip with ol' crazy herself, Orly Taitz, and proceded to tell me that a "Certification of Live Birth" is not the same as a "Birth Certificate." Of course I realize that he is a little nutsy, because what if he is correct? What if a "Certificate of Live Birth" is not proof that you are an American citizen? What if you MUST have a "Birth Certificate?" Because, if so, people, I am screwed.

As is my son. As is my mother. As is my bff's son. As is every other person born in the state of Florida. Because Florida issues only a "Certificate of Live Birth."

Also I realized that with all of the BS about the current President, I had never considered where the first 43 Presidents were born.

John McCain's birth certificate is available on the web. Or a fax of it, because if that is your scanner with that problem, you need a new scanner. A couple of sites are making a big deal of the fact that he, apparently, was born downtown in Panama, not on the Naval installation. It doesn't matter people. Did he have the option of a Panamanian citizienship? Probably. But, even if he had had dual citizenship at birth, he had to give up any other to attend the Navy Academy and be in the Navy. 'nuff said.

But I can't find anything when searching for a birth certificate (or a certificate of live birth) for George Bush (which should cover 41 & 43), Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan.

Maybe they weren't natural born citizens?

Or maybe they weren't black.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Didn't Do It.. But I've Thought About It*

I love Monopoly. We played it a lot when I was a kid when the electricity went out. Monopoly by candlelight is pretty fun.

I also like to win. I am a very gracious winner. I am not as good a loser, but I know this about myself and try to fake it. So I would never react this way:

A game of Monopoly has landed a Michigan man in jail. WDIV-TV reported a 54-year-old man was playing the board game Saturday night with a female friend when he tried to buy Park Place and Boardwalk from her.

When she refused, Fraser police Lt. Dan Kolke told WWJ-AM he hit her in the head, breaking her glasses. The man was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

In other stupidity around the nation:

Jobless Grad sues college for $70,000 - she says the college didn't help her find a job. I say she is a moron for paying $70,000 for a Bachelor's Degree.

A bank teller caught a would-be robber and was fired. It was against the bank's policy; the teller should have just handed over the money.

And a little piece of strangeness from across the pond:

BERLIN - An Audi sedan written off by an elderly German woman as stolen two years ago has resurfaced — in her neighbor's garage beneath a thick layer of dust.
Police said Thursday the 82-year-old from the northern city of Hildesheim took the car in for repairs two years ago and had the mechanics drive it back to her house and park it in her garage.
She got the keys and papers from her mailbox, but when she went to get the car it was nowhere to be found. So she reported it stolen.

Fast forward to Wednesday when her neighbor went to clean up his unused garage so it could be rented. He found the car under "a centimeter-deep coating of dust."
It didn't take police long to piece together that the mechanics had parked it in the wrong garage.

*I know that there are real news horrors and tragedies going on in this country and around the world, I just couldn't process them today. So I thought maybe a little laugh at the stupidity of others would, at least, brighten my day.