Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Can Take Your Reform And...

 This story was on the local news last night. Apparently Florida is going to tell D. C. to shove their Medicaid dollars if they (D.C.) doesn't want to play by Florida's rules. I hope those who elected Scott are happy. I also hope those who didn't vote are happy. I knew it was going to get bad, but....

On the radio this morning (NPR) which the righties also want to de-fund, had a nice story on the Medicaid Reform proposed by Florida Senator Don Gaetz. It is supposed to be unveiled this morning, but the little I got off the radio made my head explode.

Apparently Senator Gaetz (Republican) believes it is ok from the government to stick its nose even further into the business of the people of this state.  According to the news story linked to above, "and provide incentives to stop drinking and smoking."  Hey, great, providing incentives is great, right? But the story goes on to quote the Senator saying, "We say in the bill that we expect them to be engaged in a smoking sensation program that’s medically directed.”


Do you know what this means? The Florida poor will be required to stop smoking, stop drinking, and lose weight or they will forfeit their medicaid.

I was very pleasant to the young man on the phone in the Senator's office, it's not his fault his boss is a jerk. I explained that this was unconstitutional because government does not have a right to make these demands, and he explained that the Senator felt this would save money for the state. I asked him how the Senator felt about abortion, because requiring women to bring unwanted, unloved children who couldn't be afforded into this world cost a lot also. He shut up.

This is such a slippery slope and this cannot be allowed to happen. People should want to be healthy. People should want to stop smoking, and lose weight. But allowing government to MAKE them will eventually mean allowing government to make other decisions for them.. for us, which includes who to marry, how/when/what to reproduce. Where to work. Where to live.

I also called my Florida Rep, just to tell her that I was against this bill, if it ever gets to the House. I have to go write Gaetz and explain myself further.

Wow, I am MAD. And really a little scared.


Octopus said...

LLL, as a fellow resident of Florid-dah, I am damn pissed too. And I am astonished at the voters for electing a felon as governor. Recently, I put my beachside condo up for sale, and I am seriously thinking of moving not just out of state but out of country.

True Blue Texan said...

It always amazes me to see the Republican fascination with telling people how to live their lives and legislate morality, etc while at the same time swearing they want smaller government and resent the 'gubmint' telling them what to do/ The hypocrisy is so bad it makes me sick.

And not a little scared.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I have considered moving more than once. I really hate to, because this is home for me, and my parents have just retired a little over an hour away. But the stupidity of Florida's voters constantly amazes me, and I really am not crazy about the people I work with. One or the other would suck, but the stress is starting to get to me.

And you are 100% correct, TBT. I am serious amazed at the right wing who screams smaller 'gubmint' on one hand while taking, taking, taking with the other.

I am pretty sure we have all heard the reasons for the growing insanity, but it doesn't make it easier to deal with.