Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of World... may happen one day... but not today!

While I saw some smarta$$ on Facebook who said only Americans were going to be taken in today's alleged Rapture (he was being tongue in cheek) I have been scanning the online news to see if there have been any strange disappearances and cannot find a link to one.

Not one.

It is past 6pm, 1800 hours, GMT or 0001Zulu at this point of my day and everyone seems to be staying put.

Part of me feels horrible for those who believed and spent all of their money, quit their jobs and now have nothing, but the other part thinks that they were just stupid. There has been talk about the possibility of mass suicides over this.

So no Harley, no jewels, no free food. DSD is at work, but we are going to buy groceries when he gets off, because we are planning to be here tomorrow!


Steven said...

Harold Camping is such an embarrassment! To Americans, Capitol 'C' Christians, small 'c' christians and even to elders. I read some blog where it was said that "old people are crazy' as if that had something to do with Harold's lack of perspective. And sanity. Hey! I'm an old people and I'm crazy...yet.

But, on the other has given us something to laugh about; a rare thing these days!

Steven said...

Ooops! Meant to say 'not' crazy. Oh, this a Freudian slip? Is this a symptom?

jadedj said...

Hang on a few years...he'll be back, and even richer.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Age has nothing to do with crazy. My grandmother is NOT a nice person. She is 92. However, she was NOT a nice person 50 years ago.

But Camping is pretty old.. maybe he will die?

He is a complete humliation, but people LISTEN to him. They aren't the brightest bulbs!

Ahab said...

I was stunned that Camping re-predicted the Rapture in October. Sadly, I suspect that some people will STILL believe him.