Thursday, October 28, 2010

Email Me!

There are details at my previous post on where I am staying and when I am planning to meet with TrueBlueTexan on Saturday morning. If you can't make that meeting and want to try for another, email me at I can access that email account from my phone.

I don't think I will be able to do a lot of blogging from D.C., but I am hoping to have a lot to say after I return. I just hope I have the energy to do all of the things I want to do!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Leaving.. On a jet plane!

Which is a bonus, because until our new airport opened we only had props!

For stalking purposes:

BabyBoy & I will be on the 6:05am flight out of Panama City and will be arriving in Baltimore at ~ 9:15 (we are changing time zones, it is only a 2 hour flight).  We will be taking the B30 bus into D.C at a cost of less than $10.00 each, instead of the $100 or more it would have cost to fly into Dulles.  I think the bus takes us to the green line, but I will have to check. We will eventually be switching to the blue and orange line (it's an omen) which we will take to the FoggyBottom metro station and then make our way to our hotel! (Pretty fancy, huh?? Thank goodness for credit card points or we would be camping under a bridge!)

The plan is to check in and then wander around D.C. gaping like tourists and asking strangers to take our pictures, because, we will be tourists and we will need to have proof we were there.

On Saturday we will be meeting TrueBlueTexan at 9am at the refreshment stand across the street from the National Air and Space Museum. I think there may be many other bloggers there at that time for a giant group hug... or at least some handshaking with alcohol wipes. :-) (If I still have this hacking cough, may I suggest a 4 foot radius? And, possibly a Lysol bath after?)

I am planning to carry a sheet or blanket to sit on during the festivities, I think, because I am not carrying chairs on the plane, but I have no idea where we will be parking our behinds.. or if we will.

I also do not plan to be arrested for jumping on Bruce Willis, but if I am... trust me it was worth it! :-)

Someone on Facebook was trying to set up an "Insanity after the Sane Rally" party, but it didn't seem to take off. I think there will be plenty of open pubs and bars and restaurants to re-examine the day.

What did I forget?? I hope you all make it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Voting and Traveling and Being Sick

I am so glad the 'blog world is able to function without me. I have started a dozen posts in my head over the last week, but have not had the opportunity to get them down before, "Poof, they are gone!"

Wednesday (10/20) was our wedding anniversary, but we were inundated by family so we postponed the celebration.

Thursday I woke up with my throat on fire. And people due in from DC for training. So I went to work. And learned quite a bit. And I went out, because it seemed mean to NOT, and I adore these particular people (not something you will hear from me a lot), so dinner and drinks and I steadily felt worse. Fever, chills, aches, pains. Yuck. So not only was I miserable I have probably infected all of Bay County. NOT my brightest move.

Temp was ~ 101 at 8pm when I finally made it home. Nyquil and bed. Still ~ 101 @ 12:30 am. I took some Motrin and the fever broke between 1:30 & 2, but I was exhausted. I'm not sleeping well, even when DSD doesn't snore. I took Friday off and slept all day.

Yesterday there were groceries to buy, homework to finish, and a lovely dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

What does all of this mean? Well, I have not even watched the news in DAYS. Of course when I try to watch actual TV, the political ads make me insane. I would love to say, "I'm not voting for anyone running an ad that contains lies or is just nasty," but I refuse to stay home on election day! I will vote. Then I will bitch.

Thank you to everyone who is managing to post information that the world needs to know. Hopefully I will be back in the swing soon.

BUT, I must be healthy by Friday, because I am headed to DC!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Because you should see what a cute couple we are!

Before the game, waiting for the team.
Before we knew what was in store!

I WAS ready for some football, but the team was not.

Well I had a lovely weekend in Gainesville. Great weather. Excellent food. Lots of fun.

My team lost.  Again. Third week in a row. This hasn't happened since the mid 80s. Crazy.

Me and Treebow at the Ballyhoo Grill for dinner Friday night.
Dinner was amazing. I am touching his Heisman. 

Why am I not allowed to put more than one picture in this post????? 

Well, there will be another picture in the next post then. Or another post just for the next picture. Annoying. 

I haven't posted much about my love of college football (especially the University of Florida Gators) because there hasn't been a lot to post, they've looked AWFUL, and there have been so many other topics to cover. I'm not going to say much now, except.. "What happened here?" 

Well, there IS always next year!  


More Whining.. With Extra Special Sauce

Looking back, probably part of the reason I disappeared for as long as I did was just depression. Not clinical really, although the Paxil did help for a while, but just bone deep, "I know what is wrong and can not fix it."  And that is still weighing on me.

I mentioned my work situation a couple of times here and here.  After I posted the second one, I received very sound advice on what to do and how to do it. I am completely humiliated to say I did nothing. Still haven't. We have a new person working here and she has already contacted HR (after 4 months) about the hostile work environment and the fact that we have absolutely zero management or supervision. Last week. After 4 months. Two months before her probation is up.

I beat myself up about it last week. You know, could've, should've, would've...BUT.

In my case there really was a BUT and I couldn't get around it.  Yes, my job pays really well, for what I do and this area, and, yes, DSD is still out of work and his retirement will not support us and so I really have to work. BUT those are not the reasons I kept quiet. The reason I kept quiet was because I was not the only person involved and the other person was a friend.  Or so I thought.

She had (some months prior) to the big blowout around here, found herself having sex with another employee.  Someone else paid his pay check, but we all worked here together.  Both were married. I didn't judge, except to think that she had really, really bad taste.  She separated from her husband, his wife discovered his shenanigans and made threats, the affair ended.

Last August the shyte hit the fan.  The man (?) my friend had had sex with had (allegedly) also had sex with another employee and befriended the crazy person (really we call her CrO short for Crazy One) who makes our lives miserable. She (CrO) had then proceeded to tell the world about all of the sex this guy was getting. There was blah, blah, blah and meetings and stuff and I am boring myself just by typing it all.

So, my "friend" and I called our true boss in Jacksonville and she came here and there were more meetings and more stuff and blah, blah, blah and she was allegedly not impressed with the BS being spread by CrO, PLUS I had documentation of lies she told and the persecution she was giving me and others and how it was almost impossible to DO MY JOB... HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT.  The boss gave me (and the "friend" advice) which we followed and then we proceeded to get REAMED out and my "friend" was told that she would be the only one losing her job. No husband, no job... gets tough.

So we sat down and shut up. Come to work. Do our jobs. Go home. I actually love my job, except for CrO and the one in Jacksonville.

June 2010 - my "friend" gets a new, better paying, more stable position. New girl starts. New girl gets fed up quickly.

October 2010 - new girl contacts HR. I am not positive what has happened with that and the new girl is off now until next week.

My issue? My "friend" who has now reconciled with her husband and does not want to jeopardize her marriage again informed me that she didn't care what the new girl does, as long as the "friend's" name is not brought up. I don't know how her husband could even hear about an investigation.. even an indepth one. But I felt like once her position was secure, she would be here for me to help me prove that I was NOT the insane one last year. That we were/are being persecuted. That even the Bitch in Jacksonville should not be working, especially in management, because she is an embarrassment to this company. 

Truthfully? When I read the article in Vanity Fair about Sarah Palin's temper tantrums and her mood swings, I thought, "Holy shit, this could be about CrO"

Life's not fair. And I understand looking out for #1, but my feelings were hurt. My only hope is that I will be receiving a promotion and will be moving into another department. I knew that would not occur before October 1, and probably not before 1 January.. but please cross your fingers that it happens SOON! Or that the new HR person that was contacted last week actually does something.

And maybe hope that I start making new friends.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Mr. President,

"Don't Ask/Don't Tell" - Unconstitutional!

Well, duh.

But it has been ruled so again. And there has been an ordered entered to immediately stop kicking people out of the military if they are homosexual. YAY!!

So now the Dept of Justice (DOJ) has 60 days to appeal the order, but, of course, they won't because the President opposes.... Wait. What?

The DoJ can do what it wants? Even if President Obama supports the repeal, the DoJ can still appeal this decision?

Dear Mr. President,

Man up. Your health care bill is barely adequate (ask my 21 year old son who does not have coverage) and Gitmo is still open. We will be in Iraq until long after I am dead. There is no more transparency than there was 4 years ago. Business as usual in the Capital. AT LEAST let's repeal this law that even a baby can see is unconstitutional. PLEASE do something before the mid-term elections and if that means firing the DoJ, don't you have that right? Aren't they part of your cabinet? Don't they work for you??

Thank you very much,
The Lefts

Could you PLEASE lean a little more my way? That reaching across the aisle bulls&%( ain't working!

Ten Rescued so Far

Ten of the 33 Chilean miners* who have been trapped under ground for 69 days have been rescued. What a lovely thing to wake up to.  I can't even imagine everything they have had to endure after being trapped for over two months, or the myriad emotions they must be feeling now (or the horror of being the LAST ONE), but I am so thrilled for them, for their families, for the entire country of Chile, because they never gave up.  And they are going to the hospital for observation and then going home.

Welcome back, gentlemen!

*On a side note, I know people who were consulted on how to ensure the air the miners have been breathing remained safe, so that practically makes me a celebrity!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poor, Pitiful Me

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, and underappreciated. While discussing this weekend's planned trip to the Mississippi St @ Florida game, DSD and I had words. He said he was joking.. about having biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast... fried chicken for lunch... ribeyes for dinner. He probably was, because he has been fabulous about what he is actually eating, but it is stressing me out.

I work full time. I am taking 9 hours of classes this semester (3 hours each term and 3 hours over the semester).  Any way you count it, I am getting 9 hours between August and December (down from the 13 that I took last year this time), I am trying to function working for a %#@@! who barely speaks English (Arkansas) and can NOT write it, but ended up as the boss. I am trying my best to take food with little or no flavor and make it delicious (and doing and excellent job, I might add!!) and I am not sleeping well at night.

I really want a week in a tropical setting with fresh grown food and my Kindle!

Which is not going to happen. I tried that this summer (five days in Destin) and that turned into a nightmare of drunken, crying crap to the point where I no longer speak to the person I thought was my best friend.

DSD's health. Babyboy's lovelife. (He got dumped last week and is sad). Many of my family are exhausting.

I'm just tired. And whining.

Or whining and tired, take your pick.

But, hey, I am going to DC in 17 days. And I am going to be even MORE exhausted when I get home.

But it will so be worth it!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing Picture?!?

Weird. I had no picture. And here I am planning to meet all sorts of new people in D.C. soon and they would not know what I looked like!

DSD is now on medication. Poor guy got screwed on the genetics, I think. Wish us luck, because we are travelling this weekend and that is going to be difficult!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

* H/T to TrueBlueTexan, whom I will be meeting face to face in less than a month, for her round up of the crazies of the week. Joe the Plumber and burning houses. The entire post made me throw up in my mouth a little, so that means she did an awesome job!

*A Facebook friend posted this link to a PBS Special titled, "God in America." I am hoping to DVR it and watch it.. soon? Ish? One day? Maybe over Thanksgiving???

*Troy University Term I ends today. My final exam and research paper are turned in and I am attempting to read the first chapter of the class that starts tomorrow on Public Administration. Why are text books so boring?

*DSDs follow up appointment is in the morning. He was incredible at the grocery store last weekend and has been careful with his food intake lately. He has never been one to over eat, but he does love his salt. He has cut it almost completely out and has been leaving the vegetable cooking to me. (He did love to ruin most veggies with too much salt!) So think nice thoughts about us in the morning.. if you are so inclined.

*A friend from high school posted on Facebook today asking that everyone vote for Alex Sink for governor of Florida. This friend is not very political, but she is a Republican. Apparently Rick Scott is planning to privatize many of the state employees. She is very concerned about her job, her retirement, her future. She is a probation officer and has been in the same position since she graduated college, so ~ 20 years.

*In case I have mentioned it - I'M GOING TO DC FOR JON STEWART'S RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY.  You know, in case you missed it!

*Congrats to my friends, Matt and Mary, who don't read this 'blog, but who are getting married today!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A New Way of Life

I do wish my paper on capitalism and fascism was as easy to write as a 'blog post.

I have been working on DSD and our eating habits lately. I am not sure where my desire to eat healthier, be healthier has come from, but that, combined with my need to reduce my carbon footprint, has produced a clash or two... a week. Especially at the grocery store. He wants to buy pre-prepared boxed dinners: chicken marsala, jambalaya, beef stroganoff, and what's wrong with the occasional Raman noodles? I say, "I can make it cheaper, healthier, tastier," (take your pick). Sometimes he gets mad, "why change up things?" sometimes he just moves on.

Three weeks ago he went to the doctor for a physical. I have been pestering him to go for at least two years, partly to see if there was ANYTHING to be done about his snoring and parly because he did have cholestorol issues in the early part of the decade that we managed to get under control so that he didn't have to continue to take medication. The doctor was thorough and immediately sent him for blood work and asked that he (DSD) take his blood pressure every other day. DSD returned for the results this week:

BP: OMG! On medication
Good cholestorol: 28
Bad cholestorol: Unable to be measured
Overall: 256
Triglycerides: 1250--- ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED FIFTY!! Crazy.
Sugars: Normal (which is actually the one we were concerned about because his father has type II diabetes)

He was given an EKG and sent for a chest x-ray and was sent for MORE blood work. He has an appointment for Monday 11 October to get the results of all of the above. We have fought. Quite a bit. He doesn't want to change the way he eats. He doesn't want to stop his alcohol intake. He doesn't want to CHANGE. Who does?!?!?

 I don't want to lose him.

We went grocery shopping today and he was fabulous. We spent A LOT of time looking at the fat levels and sodium levels of everything. He even bought ketchup with no salt added.. which sounds gross, but I don't eat a lot of ketchup.

We started composting in March and he will build our raised garden bed in the next few weeks, now that it is not 100 degrees every day.  I have radishes, tomatoes, and broccoli growing in containers right now. Maybe next year we will produce enough tomatoes that I will be able to can my own ketchup (and tomato sauce and salsa), but no.matter.what I would really like it if DSD were here to help (or hinder, but don't tell him that!) .