Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I the Voice of Doom?

As I sit here in my lovely ranch style home, Lola eating dinner behind me, tomatoes roasting in the oven in preparation for homemade marina, I feel an overwhelming sense of panic. Of dread. Of fear. Serious sick to my stomach terror.

What the hell is happening in this country? What the hell has happened to those whom we have elected to lead us? In less than two weeks this country is going to run out of money, default on our credit and cause who knows what kind of mayhem, but no one seems to be taking this seriously. Certainly not crazy Michelle Bachman. Certainly not most of the Congressional Republicans. Is our President? Will he swoop in at the last minute, invoking the 14th amendment and saving the day? Will that save the day?  Everything I have read says that without spending cuts and increased revenue the S&P (I think) may still take our credit down from AAA to AA. And the plan by the "Gang of 6" has only promised increased revenue in the future. Why not now?

My tax burden is not large.  A lot of that has to do with tuition, of course, because that is all tax deductible, but I would be willing to pay more, why aren't others?

Let's look at how a default will affect ME, personally, as the Average Jane on the street.
#1. DSD is retired Navy with a military retirement that kept us afloat while he was unemployed. What happens without that?
#2. I am a contract employee with the Federal government. Now my contract has just been extended (again) for another 4 months, which means the contract is paid until Thanksgiving, but if there are no active duty or civilians, will I still be able to go in and get paid?
#3. My parents are retired and living off social security. They paid cash for their house and have savings, 401Ks, etc, but they depend on those monthly checks. What will happen to them?

What will happen to us all?

I firmly believe that if the elderly, military, military retirees, etc do not get paid, we may be in for a revolution. I have a really bad feeling about this... luckily my bad feelings are normally just indigestion, but I've never had indigestion that lasts this long.

Why are those in Washington screwing around with our future?


jadedj said...

Amen to your concern. In my case, half of our income is my Social Security (my wife works, I am retired...and we have two under-aged children). Just like almost everyone else in America, we basically have no savings and go from check to check. Inflation and rising food, utilities and medical co-pays are eating us alive. If we miss even one SS check, we are toast. Very scary shit.

I am extremely angry...I did not vote for Obama for milquetoast leadership. I feel betrayed.

We have a plutocracy who controls our legislature, and it would appear, our president. Plutocrats have one interest, and one interest only...themselves, and their fortunes. In plutocratworld, the rest of us can get screwed.

Are they screwing around with our future...yes, and they don't really give a shit regards the results.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Very well put, and I am 100% with your comment of the President's lack of.. well, balls. (Your comment was classier!) Where are they? Why is Jon Stewart the only one who makes sense?

Mauigirl said...

I share your concern. I'm now retired, so the money in the bank is what it is; if this mess causes some kind of mass inflation (as happened at the end of the 70s/early 80s) my nest egg will be scrambled. And my husband and I will definitely be depending on some SS to keep us afloat once he retires! What a mess. And yes, Jon Stewart is the only one who makes sense. Sometimes I think he should run for President!