Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot and Tired and Annoyed!

We had a lovely day of cloudy, raininess yesterday, so today's high humidity and temperatures have sucked the energy right out of me.

Things are bad. Really bad. The Republicans picked up their toys and went home over the fact that the Democrats & President Obama want to raise taxes on those poor, starving millionaires in order to raise a couple of dollars toward the debt. Fine. Boehner & Cantor are rolling in cash and don't want to pay more. But WHY is it that POOR people think this is ok? People who are just getting by? People who aren't white?

Do these people think they are going to win the lottery and then they won't want to pay taxes on their millions? Do these people think that the "Christian" conservatives care about them one little iota?

Do I think that the President's latest pronouncement on raising taxes on the rich is something that he is going to stand behind? Or will have cave (again) like a poorly built house of cards?

I love the man, I really do, and I can list an incredible amount of things that he has done that has benefitted this country and the people in it, but if he had stood his ground about the tax cuts last December, maybe we would not be entering another dip in the recession that will not end.. although it has been over for TWO years.

DSD and I are doing ok, but things are tight everywhere. And I cannot imagine where we would be without his retirement and Tricare benefits. He is now on daily medication and I meet with a surgeon tomorrow to schedule surgery for an umbilical hernia. What if I weren't covered? Would I just suffer?

I have not talked to my friend about her mom in a couple of weeks. Last I heard there was a meeting scheduled with an oncologist and the mom said that she may opt out of treatment. My friend said that treatment would probably only give her another 12 months, but 12 months is a loooooong time if you are thinking about losing your mom.

Stepdaughter, son-in-law, and the grandchildren will be here in 10 short days! I'm taking the entire week off to spoil all of them. Beach, pool, snorkeling, sand castles, shrimp boil... all the things the Florida Gulf Coast is famous for! (So y'all can stop doing that rain dance now!)


Mr. Charleston said...

Just been through 4 days of two daughters with four grandchildren (all girls between 3-5) camped out all over the house. Glad it's over but loved it happened. We're on the same wavelength today Lady. Come over to my place and see what I mean.

Steven said...

I agree with you regarding our President. At times I feel like I've been conned. Still, who else could we have chosen? Just having someone certifiably intelligent sitting in that chair in the Oval Office makes me feel safer.

Nance said...

I'm glad it rained there, glad for both of us that there's such a thing as Tricare and military pensions, glad you've got some fun planned for the holiday!

But, please, do a rain dance for us on the SC coast. The last storm system managed to slip right by to the north and south without giving us a drop!