Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Pain? Turn to Blogger!

My 26th high school reunion is next weekend. 26 you may ask? What?

Last year there was a reunion for all of my classmates who are on Facebook who graduated 1983-1988. It went well. LOTS of people showed up. There was mucho drinking and lots of good times. My time was so-so, but that is another post. (Which I may or may not ever do!)

So next week.. 45 minutes from here. A friend is arriving Wednesday or Thursday to stay at my house until Friday morning then we shall venture to the lovely Destin, FL for 2 nights in a free if we clean it on Sunday 2 BR apt. DSD was hoping to spend Saturday & Saturday night there (I was looking forward to showing him off!) but he has to work. :-(

However, a friend (how long have we been friends? I have memories of her from when I was 4! And my 44th birthday was in April!) just sent me a private message telling me that her mom has lung cancer. And it's not good.

Ok, she's smoked for 55 years.. but it isn't supposed to happen to those that I love.

Why does it happen at all?

First a first grade teacher then an ESP teacher, mother to 3 (my friend is the baby!) step-mother to 4 (?) more, such a wonderful person.

My friend says her mom is in great spirits. I hope she stays that way. Me? I'm not doing so well.

Love your people! Hold them close.


Nance said...

Every cancer diagnosis we learn of feels like a physical blow. It's that lack of cure thing; we have an enemy that still wins most of our battles and always extracts a huge cost. We feel so defeated.

Ahab said...

My heart goes out to your friend, and to YOU. I can't imagine how painful this must be for both of you, and I wish you strength and comfort.