Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of World... may happen one day... but not today!

While I saw some smarta$$ on Facebook who said only Americans were going to be taken in today's alleged Rapture (he was being tongue in cheek) I have been scanning the online news to see if there have been any strange disappearances and cannot find a link to one.

Not one.

It is past 6pm, 1800 hours, GMT or 0001Zulu at this point of my day and everyone seems to be staying put.

Part of me feels horrible for those who believed and spent all of their money, quit their jobs and now have nothing, but the other part thinks that they were just stupid. There has been talk about the possibility of mass suicides over this.

So no Harley, no jewels, no free food. DSD is at work, but we are going to buy groceries when he gets off, because we are planning to be here tomorrow!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture Deserves a New Harley!

My plan for tomorrow 21 May 2011 is to station DSD outside of the Harley dealership at 5:45 CDT and BabyBoy at the local Publix while I stand outside of a ritzy jewelry store! Plenty of food, a new bike, and JEWELS.. for free!!

Ok not really. I actually believe that there may be a Rapture one day with ~ 12 - 14 people disappearing and no one noticing. If anyone does notice though THAT will cause the end of the world because the 'alleged' Christians will their minds and destroy.

How many will kill themselves tomorrow because they've quit their jobs, lost their houses, spent their money on stupid in the run up to this BS? There was a Facebook link where a woman tried to kill herself and her children today because of it. (I didn't read the story).

How much more insanity do we need?

On another note, R.I.P. Randy "Macho Man" Savage. DSD says his heart attack was steroid induced, but he made me laugh when I was younger.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not Just Orange County!

Tricky Ricky has not yet signed the budget, according to this story published yesterday in the Orlando Sentinel, but the cuts this article speaks about is not anywhere close to all of the cuts projected in this budget. These just happen to show how much our wonderful governor loves the people in this state.. especially those who are the most in need.

Where are we cutting dollars in my formerly great state (excepting the 2000 election and the humiliation over Terri Schiavo, of course)?

Women with high risk pregnancies.
People with disabilities.
Nursing home patients.
The children. (And the senior citizens who help them.)

I constantly post sarcastic comments on FB thanking those who voted for this yahoo.  So far no one has said, "You're welcome," but I keep hoping someone will take the blame.

And yet this DipSh1t masquerading as governor has promised to reduce my property taxes.  From less than $800 a year to WHAT exactly? It isn't like I am paying through the nose.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Sex! No Jobs! No High Speed Rail!

I think I just plagiarized myself (is that possible?) because the title are the words I used to finish up a comment on something that TrueBlueTexan said.  She was remarking on the fact that as of 1 Oct 2011 Florida will no longer be bigoted against homosexuals, because ALL sex will be illegal.  The law does say something about sex with animals, but it doesn't say anything about self-pleasure. I wonder if DSD would go for that?

There was an interview with Tricky Ricky (aka Florida's Governor) about how his party has reduced government and budgets and how this is going to create the jobs he promised during his campaign.  I'm not sure how creating more barriers for women and cutting the salaries of our state employees will help with the economy. I'm not holding my breath for it either.

And at the same time the billions of dollars promised by the Obama administration to Florida to build a high speed rail on the I4 corrider is being given to 20 other states because ol' Tricky Ricky said it was going to cost the state too much.. even after Senator Bill Nelson had signed paperwork from the cities involved that they would pay any differences.  We don't need no stinkin' public transportation!  But everyone else is pleased to accept the money!

This morning one of my co-workers stopped by my desk to ask me if I was still enamoured of this President. I mentioned a couple of ways that I was not pleased with him (Libya), but then he went on to tell me about this book he is reading that talks about the relationship between Ayers and Obama and how they are socialists from the dawn of time and how they have done dispicable things to rope people into believing in socialism. Like what you may ask? (I didn't have to) Like provide DAYCARE for working women. These women were so thankful that they jumped on the socialist bandwagon.

I went off!

     "George, are you telling me that they provided a service for women and children that those women could not get anywhere else? Quality daycare? At an affordable price? FOR SHAME!
     "The extremists on both sides jump into fill gaps for people where no one else does... let's us HAMAS as an example. They are (in my understanding) a terrorist organization, but the people LOVE them.  Why? Because when other countries on dropping bombs, Hamas shows up with food & blankets & helps rebuild shelter instead of dropping platitudes on hungry, scared people. Like a terrorist Red Cross who does not have to go through the red tape. So, of course, people are going to side with them. Especially if no other side is presented."

Unfortunately the phone rang at that time and George made his escape.  Which was sad because I was not finished.

"Everyone is a Socialist when the government is helping/paying them and a Libertarian when it is helping/paying anyone but them."  I stole this from a Facebook friend, but it is very true. Most people don't want to pay taxes, but they don't want a cut in benefits.. except to foreign countries. Most people scream and yell about how high their property taxes are (oh! mine should be lower this year, thanks, Rick Scott, you a$$), but they still want their children educated, their roads without potholes, and the police to arrive when 911 is dialed.

I am overwhelmed by all that is happening and I keep hoping that the nutjobs are correct and the Rapture WILL happen this coming Saturday at 6 pm local time.. like the wave!

Then I remember that only about a dozen people will disappear in it, because that is probably all world-wide who actually believe in AND act like Christ.

Damn. I was hoping for better parking on Monday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Finish Line?

I am really close for this particular race anyway.  While this term does not officially end until Sunday the 15th, I am going to take my second exam tonight and be finished! Yay! No more school until the 23rd. My brain feels relief already.

My plans are to garden (who ate fresh green beans on Saturday), read something totally brainless about people and love and lust and murder, spend some time with the Lovely Lola, who turned 3 last week with no post from me, and sleep. Oh, and maybe post once or twice.

With everything going on in Florida (shhhh, uterus is a dirty word), Washington, and the world, just trying to keep up is exhausting,  but maybe I will be able to form real sentences in a day or so. Maybe!

I hope everyone's Mother's Day was fantastic.

Did you know that all children (even if you did not birth them yourself) developed (originally) in a uterus?

Shhhh, don't tell!

Monday, May 2, 2011

There is Rejoicing Across the Land!

And yet it makes me uncomfortable.

Last night I was just settling down to a good night's sleep when I received a text from the delightful D telling me that bin Laden was dead. I got my glasses (I had already taken out my contacts), informed BabyBoy of the news (DSD was sound asleep), and turned the TV back on.  I didn't even make it until the President's speech due to the OTC sleeping pill I had taken. I was sound asleep about 30 minutes later when I heard some banging around, and Lola started barking, and I was rudely awakened.

BabyBoy was on the back porch, smoking.  He does try to quit every single day and as long as he keeps trying he will succeed one day, but he had gone all day without a cigarette and was now smoking... it was after 11 CDT.

I forced myself up, and I joined him on the porch, and he was watching the partying in front of the White House and at Ground Zero and in many other places. And he was very upset. He had apparently posted something on Facebook about the fact that rejoicing in the death of ANYONE was not something that he felt Christians did, and his father (did I mention he is an ASS?) immediately texted BabyBoy (in all caps) telling him that he was a complete disapointment to the world or something like that.  I didn't get to read the Facebook post, he had already removed it by the time I joined him, but he was quite confused by the fact that many of his friends (and family) are constantly asking for prayers, talking about how we should live for God, talking about their Christianity and their Christian beliefs, and yet they were partying like it was 1999. Over a death.

And he has a valid point. 

I can completely understand rejoicing by those who were personally affected by 9/11. Those in NYC, in D.C, those who lost loved ones.

We, in NW Florida, were devastated, but life went on.  We cried a little. We watched the news a little more. We hugged more frequently.  But there was no scar on the landscape of our world. All of our loved ones were sitting around our dinner table every night. So I can understand some of the joy. But why for everyone? Why did I change my profile picture to one of the Washington Monument with a little bit of the American flag flying?

The death of bin Laden changes nothing. We are still at war. Our soldiers, sailors, airman, and marines will not be returning home this week. Some will still return in flag draped coffins.

And should we ever celebrate death?

Can anyone answer these questions?