Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Biology Class is on Monday night

So last night was only the 2nd class, since the school was closed for the celebration of Dr. King's birthday last Monday. I arrived, early, after enjoying a lovely dinner with BabyBoy. He has rehearsal for his new play at the same time I have class, so it just makes sense to hang out with him for an hour or so on Monday nights.

I have to give the instructor credit, I probably would not have handled everything with the grace she did. According to her she had received several emails from various students asking about breaks on nights when we would be there late. (Class times are from 6:30-9:15) She explained that because she was sick last class and we left early, we would have to stay for the duration of class time and she would be giving us a break at 8:00 on the nights we would be there the entire time. We had a break at exactly 8 and we were released about 9:10. She also said that if we were not going to stay after 8, there would be no breaks. That's fine, but by 8, I have to GO, so I hope she doesn't think she is going to get an extra 5 or 10 minutes out of me.

She is a really great instructor. When DSD was teaching (in the Navy) during review time, he would kick the podium when he meant "This WILL be on the test," she just says, "This WILL be on the test." But the most important thing is that she isn't putting me to sleep. I think I may actually have a slight understanding of enzymes right this minute and that wasn't something I could say yesterday. :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Latest Computer Addiction

Last week my brother called, "Kelly said to tell you to get an account on Facebook."
He called again the same day, "I talked to Sam for 45 minutes today. He said to tell you to get an account."
Every day it was someone new my brother was talking to, or should I say, someone old? These are people I was friends with in high school. It wasn't yesterday.
Finally after much harrassment, I created an account on Facebook. Less than 48 hours later, I have 30 friends. THIRTY!
I don't have 30 friends in real life. Who does?
But you just click a button and your friends and there isn't actually anything else required.
So, fine, I'll be friends with them.

But this afternoon (or maybe it was this morning?) I was clicking around the Facebook site and I discovered... FLAIR!

In high school I was always the girl covered in buttons. Some gave my thoughts on the Big Picture (Save the Whales), but some were just for fun (I Feel Great.. and I Kiss Good, too!)* No one wears these buttons anymore (maybe the Wal-Mart cashiers) , and now they aren't called buttons, they are called Flair!

There is flair for everything, although there seems to be more about Edward Cullen** and his entire family than anything else right now. I didn't post any of those.

The ones I did post?
01-20-09 The End of an Error
No Child Left Behind Only Works in Car Pools
Ok, Joke's Over. Bring Back the Constitution
Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic
2008 National Champions Florida Gators!

And many more, including a picture of the new President and First Lady.

I think I may need help with this problem. I wonder if I can get Facebook at work?

*This one got me kissed before a concert in summer of '85, but not by anyone cool.
**From the Twilight series.

What? No Vacation?

President Obama has been in office for 5 days and he has yet to take a vacation. Is this a record for this decade? He even worked on Saturday, while I went shopping.

Ok, maybe ol' what's his face didn't take a vacation the first week either. Maybe.

Let's take a quick look at the things that our new President has accomplished in less than a week.

1. He has rescinded the "Mexico City Policy."
I dont' know why it is called that, but I know this will allow the poor in developing countries to better plan their families.

2. He has ordered the closure of the detention facility at Guantanoma Bay, Cuba.

3. He has met with his own advisors and with Iraqi officials about getting us the hell out of Iraq.

4. He has frozen pay for top White House officials.

5. He has promised us transparency and open government in this Administration.

And this is just the beginning of the list and the beginning of a whole new way of life. For him. For us. For our country, our allies and our enemies (of which we should have fewer now).

Here's to another good week of getting everything straightened out and worked to getting our country back on track!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Doggy Weekend

Saturday morning a little after 10, I received a text message from a friend. She wanted to meet at the doggy park. She had her dog, Bailey, and was dogsitting a friend's dog during the day and didn't want the 2 of them destroying her house. She wanted Lola to tire them out.
Well, DSD was in the shower and we were scheduled to go buy groceries, so I told her I would meet her after we were finished. She took Bailey and Max to the park for a bit; DSD and I went shopping. When we were finished, I texted her and told her that Lola and I could meet her there at 1:30.
They arrived just before us and Lola was so happy to make new friends. One of her best features is her absolute love of everyone and everything. But Bailey and Max were already a little tired, so they weren't giving her the exercise she needed. They were all just rolling in the dirt.
Then an 8 month old Great Dane showed up. I wish I had pictures. This dog had to be over 100 pounds and just ran around the enclosure like he had not had the freedom to run in years. And there was my Lola, right behind him the entire time. She couldn't keep up with him, of course, his legs were longer than her entire body. But she tried. I wish I had words to explain the picture they made together.
Then a 5 month old Boxer puppy arrived about the time the Great Dane left. And they played and ran and played. We were out there for about an hour and a half. The temperature started dropping, though, and, while Lola was fine, I started getting cold.

My friend and her fiance' dropped off Max and then brought Bailey over to the house. They were out of town for the holidays and had left his motorcycle parked at our house to ensure its safety.
Lola and Bailey played for another hour or so. Everyone left and Lola passed out. She got up to eat and she went outside to the bathroom, otherwise she didn't MOVE. She even put herself in her crate for bed by 11. :-) The baby was wore out!

On Sunday I ran out to the bookstore, because I had nothing in my house to read. (My husband snorts when I say this aloud.) I picked up several drama, thriller, probably a little sex in them novels and was just wandering around the store when I spotted "Marley and Me." I grabbed it and quickly left, before I grabbed anything else (I am dangerous in a bookstore).
I started reading it after lunch and finished at at 2AM Monday morning! I laughed, I cried, I kept making DSD listen to different parts of the book, because Marley and Lola could have been separated at birth. What an amazing book, especially for a dog lover, but, truthfully, for anyone who has ever been part of a family. This book isn't just about Marley, but about the family that grows up around him. I would recommend it to anyone, although my son won't read it; he's still mad at me for "Where the Red Fern Grows." It's been almost 8 years since he read it.
It was a great doggy weekend. It's been a great week overall (stupid stuff at work not worth mentioning). And I am ready for this weekend to start.
Here are some more recent pictures of Lola. Hasn't she gotten big?

My fuzzy little baby.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

That was taken after we finally broke down and took her to the groomers. BabyBoy was annoyed! Can you see how her solid black legs are turning silver?

She doesn't even look like the same dog. :-)

It's only been a couple of weeks, but she's starting to look shaggy again. I like her better that way, so we aren't going to do the grooming much.

I would post more pictures, but she's worse than a kid. When I pull out the camera she sits up pretty and I can't get any pictures except for the ones of her just sitting there.

Have a great weekend.

The First Day of a New Era

I don't know that I have much to add to the joy that is abundant in 'blogland today. Yesterday was a moving, wonderful day and I am so happy that I was here to enjoy it. I am so thrilled that BabyBoy raced home to watch the swearing in and listen to President Obama's Inaugural Address. I am so proud of my country, my countrymen (and women) and so very proud (FINALLY!) of my President and First Lady.

As I lay in bed last night, wrapped in blankets, it hit me all over again that this is not a dream. This is our new reality. And I felt so relieved, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. And I felt so safe, now that the hatemongers and warmongers are no longer in charge.

I know we aren't going to get back on track overnight. There is a part of me that is terrified that this country will never get back on track. That, like a runaway train, it is too late to stop us from hurling over a cliff.

But it is with a great sense of joy that I realize that, even if that does happen, I know that my President will do everything within his power to, at the very least, slow that train. And that, if the end should come, I will not be humiliated by my chosen leader.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank God and Greyhound!

He's Gone!

For some reason this phrase has been circling through my head in the days leading up to the inauguration. I knew, of course, that the words were a chorus to a song, recorded (I thought correctly) by Roy Clark. My mother loves this song and sang it a lot when I was growing up. Everytime a family member of my dad's came to visit and then left.

But she didn't know all the words and only sang the chorus.

So I looked up the lyrics and found, surprisingly, they really do loosely fit today.

I've made a small fortune, and you've squandered it all.
You've shamed me till I feel about one inch tall.
But I thought I loved you, and I hoped you would change,
so I gritted my teeth and didn't complain.

Now you've come to me with a simple goodbye.
You tell me you're leaving, but you won't tell me why.
We're here at the station and you're getting on.And all I can think of is.........

Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

I didn't know how much longer I could go on,
watching you take the respect out of me,
watching you make a total wreck out of me.
That big diesel motor is a playing my song.
Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

That load on my mind got lighter when you got on.
That shiney old bus is a beautiful sight,
with the black smoke rolling up around the tail lights.
It may sound kinda cruel, but I've been silent too long:
Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

Thank God and Greyhound you're gone!

(Larry Kingston / Earl Nix)
Roy Clark
Also recorded by : Ray Pillow.

I don't know if God had anything to do with it. I'm pretty sure Greyhound didn't, but he is FINALLY out of my White House, on his way back to Texas (or whereever) and, hopefully, this will be my last post about Dubya until his indictment.

Let the healing begin.

Monday, January 19, 2009

In Celebration of Today and Tomorrow

I had a post all planned for today about my weekend, but then I realized what today is, so I will postpone the weekend post for a couple of days.

Today we celebrated the life of a great man. A man who stood for equality. A man who stood for peace.

It seems only fitting that Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America the day after the country paused to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have no true memories of Dr. King. I was not yet 1 when he was murdered in Memphis. I can not imagine the horror, for the country, for the world, for his family. But I know that he was a great man. I know that he was a strong man. I know that he was an honest man.

And while electing an African-American man to be President is not the end of the hate. It is not the end of racism, of bigotry, but it is an enormous step in the right direction.

I only wish that Dr. King were still here to enjoy how far we've come.

And to help us see how far we all still have to go.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

This is an Official Proclamation so Proclaimed by the Official Proclamator of the Land.
Henceforth, it shall be Recognized as Law that
Tuesday 20 January 2009 will known, today and forevermore, as
The Day Without a Bush.

This Proclamation Proclaims that All Women of a Certain Age
Shall Remove in Whichever Way Deemed Acceptable
By Herself and/or Her Significant Other
The Hair in Her Nether Regions (AKA the Bikini Area)

Acceptable Methods of Hair Removal are
Laser Treatment

This Shall, Forthwith, be Known As the Law of the Land
Quid pro quo
E Pluribus Unum
Caveat Emptor

Friday, January 16, 2009

Two out of Three Ain't Bad

I said to watch this space for updates on those Gator juniors who had decided to stay at the University for their Senior year or jump to the NFL with one year of eligibility left.

Tim Tebow, of course, announced his intention to stay during last Sunday's Celebration in the Swamp, but Gator Nation has been on pins and needles all week waiting for a decision by Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes.

The decisions were announced yesterday.

One prominent Florida player is going, another is staying with the BCS champion Gators.
Junior wide receiver Percy Harvin announced Thursday that he will enter the NFL draft, while All-American linebacker Brandon Spikes said he will return for his senior season.

I'm not shocked that Percy is going. He should be taken fairly high in the draft and I have felt all year that a BCS win would send him away. Heck, probably just the SEC win would have done it for him, if he had played in the SEC Championship game. Percy is an amazing, dynamic player with incredible speed who will be a bonus to whichever NFL team drafts him. But Gator Nation is going to miss him.

Of course, I am happy that Brandon Spikes is returning. He was the heart and soul and leader of the defense this year and his return means all 11 starters will be around for the 2009 season. Pretty impressive.

So, of the 3 possible team members who could have gone early, only 1 did.

I'm ok with those numbers. Let the Countdown to Kickoff begin!

Nazi Instructor Update

As I mentioned in my last post, my instructor for General Bio seemed to be on some sort of power trip where my bladder is concerned. I did email the Dept Head and she emailed me in return 24 hours later.

Thanks for your email. I think I have taken care of the situation.

That was her entire reply. It was an appropriate reply. But I wanted more dirt and details. Oh, well. Hopefully this will be the end of the issue and I can now concentrate on cell bodies and structures. (ICK!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HodgePodge II

I've won the football pool the last 2 times that Florida has won the National Championship. Coincidence? I think not.


Tim Tebow is returning to the University of Florida to Quarterback the National Championship team for his Senior year. There was discussion that he would leave early for the NFL, but I never really thought he would. Watch this space on whether Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes will be returning.


Many sportswriters have the Gators at pre-season #1 for 2009!

And people call me obsessive.


I started General Bio at the local community college on Monday night. This should be my last class before moving up to the big girl school.

Biology bores me.

The instructor actually did a pretty good job of making it interesting, but can you say "Classroom Nazi?" The class is 2 hours 45 minutes long. She does not give breaks. I've had other instructors do that, they just want you to take breaks, quietly, if you need one. She does not want you to leave the classroom, at all. And, if people continue to be late, she is going to LOCK the door and not allow them to come in.


I am 41 years old and I need her permission to go to the bathroom?
I am grown and I am paying to be treated like a 5 year old?

And there are reasons that people take night classes.
#1. Jobs
#2. Spouse/significant other has a job and SOMEONE needs to take care of the kid(s).

Stuff happens to make you run late, who is she to judge? And, again, PAYING to take these classes. It is bad enough that the college's policies are as strict as high school, but I don't miss classes anyway, and I am not usually late, so I just ignore them.

I emailed the Dept Head this morning; hopefully this will be fixed. I am not going to be happy if I have to drop this class.

Two weeks too late

Apparently the BART police officer seen shooting an unarmed man in the back on New Year's Day has FINALLY been arrested. In Nevada.

On TV they always tell people not to leave town. Did he forget that, do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I received a lovely surprise this morning while cruising through the 'blog world when I opened up Unpopular Ideas and saw Carl's latest post, The Gator Lady. It was a very flattering post about my Gator and hurricane obsessions. Carl, very sweetly, says that I am intelligent and informed, not obsessive, but I can acknowledge my OCD. If you have never read Carl's 'blog, you should, even if you don't want to know how cool I am. He is a little older than I am and sees the world from a different, a lot of the times more interesting, place.


I did win this year's football pool. $240.00. I think it was less than my 2006 winnings because the creators were out of town. My record was 15 -5. It did come down to the Championship Game. I was 14 - 5 and one of the other players was 13 - 6, but he had Oklahoma to beat Florida. That would have caused a tie and his number (the combined total points) was less than mine. The entire world thought the game would be an offensive shoot out, with the last team who scored winning, so both numbers were MUCH higher than the 38 total points scored. Basically if Oklahoma had won, I would have been out of the money. I am enjoying the money, but Florida winning was really all I could hope for.


While my knowledge of football is fairly extensive, I am not an expert. There are several reasons for that, but the #1 reason is that there are NO college football experts. I won this year's pool by going with my heart over my head. No one who knew the rankings and the odds would have deliberately picked Vanderbilt (last bowl game won during the Korean War) over Boston College's longest active bowl winning streak. Or Ole Miss to actually win over Texas Tech. But I picked both and won them. The only time my heart was wrong was in the Fiesta Bowl (tOSU did not beat Texas) and in whatever bowl FSU was in. Did I really think Wisconsin had a chance?


Just FYI, in 2005 the Bowl pool winner picked teams based on uniform color. No joke. Again it came down to the National Championship Game; I tied with her, but her tiebreaker number was better and she won the money. On.Uniform.Color.


A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie, commonly used to fasten long hair. Large, elaborate styles and diminutive, unassuming forms are available.
The scrunchie was invented by Phillip E. Meyers for the Scunci family in 1963, and Rommy Revson patented the design in 1994.

You can see a picture of one here, although my GameDay one is orange and blue and not that fancy.


According to Sarah Palin, I am a liar.

According to me, she is an idiot.

Anyone want to lay odds on which one of us is correct?


I have more, but no more time and this is getting looooooong. I'll try to do another one soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Children Grow up And Move Out

We have spent the last several days packing up BabyBoy's room and attempting to organize him into general disorganization instead of utter chaos. Shortly, when the sprinkling stops, we will load his bed, chest of drawers, nightstand and entertainment center into the back of DSD's truck and help him move into his new house.

I am not dealing well with this.

I know he is less than 3 months shy of his 20th birthday. I know it is time. But that doesn't make it easier to know that he won't be across the hall tonight.

I am trying to tell myself that I have done a good job raising him and that it is the natural order of things that children move out at some point in their lives. But who will remind him to brush his teeth? Who will ensure he has plenty to eat? Who will buy his allergy medicine when he needs it?

I am completely overreacting. He is only going to be a couple of miles away and there is a chance I will not see him much less than I do now. He really isn't here much. He is with friends, or at work, or at school, or at rehearsal.

But he has still slept here 6 out of 7 nights a week. And I could always peep in his room as I was leaving in the mornings to go to work.

But now he will be sleeping elsewhere and I am having a hard time with that knowledge.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to the Real World aka Murder in Oakland

While waiting for the Pre-Game to start on Thursday I allowed* DSD to watch World News Tonight. Imagine my shock and horror when Brian Williams showed the above video. While I had briefly seen a headline on one of the webpages Thursday on rioting, there was no indication where or why the rioting was occurring. There was no indication that a man had been publicly murdered on camera. This morning when I sat down to write this post I googled the man's name, Oscar Grant, and found TWO stories on this in the mainstream media. TWO! There are plenty of blogs on it, thank goodness, but not a lot of "legitimate" news sources are carrying this story.

I don't know anything about Oscar Grant. He was 22 years old and had a4 year old daughter. One story said he was a 'peacemaker' but another said he was a trouble maker. The story on World News Tongght said the BART cops had been called out because there was a fight.

I don't give a flying fatooty. This man was murdered. He was on the ground face down and was shot. It looks possible that he was struggling with the cops. So? I am certain that is not grounds for deadly force.

There has been rioting in protest of this shooting.

I don't think rioting is an answer, but I have never been faced with issues like this, so I am not judging these people. Maybe, if the cop had been fired and arrested, as I would have been, then the riots would not have happened.

The officer remains free and has not been charged with any wrongdoing. And some experts have questioned whether he fired his gun deliberately or mistakenly believed he was using his stun gun instead....

The video footage has led to debate over whether the officer knowingly shot Grant, as the victim's family alleges....

Bruce Siddle, a use-of-force expert who viewed the video clips, theorized that Mehserle was working under stress in a hostile situation and did not realize he was firing his pistol.

I don't want cops on the street if they aren't bright enough to know the difference between a stun gun, a taser and a hand gun.

Having been married to a cop who was a total prick and thought he was god's gift to the world, I have a unique perspective on law enforcement, although not an unbiased one. I know some good cops who are out there performing their duties to Protect and Serve, my EX had Southern Sheriff Syndrome, believing that he alone knew right from wrong and, BY GOD, don't question him.

Whether the shooter was confused or whether it was deliberate should not matter. Arrest him, charge him and get him off the street.

*On a lighter note, I do not allow DSD to go anything, especially with the remote. While he is very enlightened in most ways, he is a total man when it comes to the remote. Penis = control. Lucky for him, I would rather play on the computer or read a book than watch TV, so we don't fight over it...much.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators Win! Gators Win! Gators Win!*

Wow, what a game!

Wow, what a team!

2 National Championships in 3 years. **

Offensive Player of the Game: Tim Tebow! Who else?

Defensive Player of the Game: Carlos Dunlap!

Coach of the Year: Urban Meyer

Best Play: Ahmad Black's 2nd half interception

It was a great game. Although I am certain the Sooners are not happy this morning, they don't have any reason to be ashamed. They played beautifully. They were just outplayed.

And it was a National Championship game for the ages. Two high octane offensive teams who were held to 24 and 14 points respectively. A defense (Oklahoma's) who was not ranked very high managing 2 interceptions on a quarterback who had only thrown 2 in his previous 13 games.

Officials who seemed to not be paying close attention to much of anything. Although Tebow's unsportsmanlike conduct call kind of tickled me, and seemed to be a fair call, Louis Murphy's was ridiculous. And I do not remember more than one holding call the entire game and there was blatant holding throughout. They did seem to be fair on their lack of calls though, except for Murhpy's, they weren't calling much on either team. (Do you think they knew there were other possible calls out there besides 'false start?')

My heart was in my throat for most of the game. Only at the end, with a 10 point lead and possession of the ball, was I able to relax.

I am so proud to be a Gator fan.

And now I start the countdown to the 2009 season!

Go Gators!

*I was going to get this in last night after the game, but was too hyper at first, and then too tired.

**Yes, I understand that others have a legitimate beef with the system. Texas, USC and, especially, Utah all had a right to play in last night's game and be declared Champions. But the system is broken and, since my team won, I am just going to enjoy it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Less Than 12 Hours until Kickoff!

I am ready. Dressed in my #1 jersey (Percy Harvin's) at work, with my blue/orange scrunchy in my hair. I bounce between euphoric and nauseous, just like all the other games!

I hope these people know me well enough to understand that I will not be accomplishing much today.

Hope your day is wonderful.

Go Gators!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Counting Down to Kickoff!

I know there are important things going on in the real world. I know the Middle East is at war. Again? Still?

I know that the new President will take office in less than 2 weeks. (Thank goodness!)

I know that the economy is in the toilet, and it isn't looking like there is a quick fix or a fast turnaround.

BUT, kickoff for the NCAA Division 1A (FBS) Championship in Miami, FL is in just under 25 1/2 hours away.

This year's game is between the #1 Oklamhoma Sooners and the #2 FLORIDA GATORS!


There is much speculation about how this game will be played out.
Will Florida be able to stop the Sooners' no-huddle high octane offense?
Will the Sooners be able to score on Florida's young, but effective, defense?
Will Tim Tebow prove that he should have beat Sam Bradford for the Heisman?

The last 2 years' National Championship games were not, well, competitive. Not for 60 minutes anyway. Will this year's be? Are we going to enjoy an Alabama/Florida like game? Or one like USC/Penn State?

I don't have answers. But I can tell you that I won't get a lot of sleep tonight and I will probably not accomplish a lot at work tomorrow.

I would like to say that I would live blog the game, but I would probably end up throwing the computer.

So I will say that I hope NO ONE gets hurt.

And that the Gators spank the Sooners into the ground to win their 2nd Championship in 3 years.

Go Gators!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Beginning of 2009

I managed to spend the entire first three days of 2009 either playing video games on my pc or watching college football. How lovely to just let my brain and body rest and relax and rejuvinate.

After reading the news and the blogs, maybe I just wanted to stay with my head in the sand, though. I've come out of my self-induced news coma to discover that Israel has started a ground war in the Gaza and over 400 Palestinians are dead. And the White House is supporting Israel or, at least, not condemning them. And I still don't understand why the Israelis are so pissed off.

On the homefront, however, things are not bad. BabyBoy has managed to secure very, very part time work and has friends who want him to move in rent free. He says he will be out of here in a week. While the thought of him living somewhere else makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little, he is almost 20 and it will probably be good for him. I am hoping that this dose of the Real World (the real one, not the TV show) will wake him up some and he will focus more on school in the upcoming semesters. I am guessing he will move out for 2 - 3 months and then return home for a while. But that gives us time to remodel the main bathroom while he is out of the house. (Us being DSD with me making runs to and from the hardware store.)

And (knock on wood) I may in the money for the end of year Bowl football pool. While the weekly pool has 10 games with a $5.00 entry fee, the Bowl pool has 20 with a $10 entry fee. Our friends who run the pool are out of town and have been since about Dec 20, so they asked DSD if he would collect money and papers from those who had not had a chance to enter before they left. I went through the ones he had gathered on Friday night and there is no chance that any of them can beat me, even if I lose the last 2 games (Ohio State & Texas, Florida & Oklahoma). So far I am 14-4, thanks to the SEC's Vanderbilt and Ole Miss pulling out amazing wins. I won the entire thing two years ago to the tune of $320.00. That would be a nice New Year's bonus this year!