Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Blame Game

    DSD very stubbornly pays almost 0 attention to politics. I think he probably paid more attention before I was always up in his grill about them, but who knows? We started dating about 10 days after the 2000 election and moved in together less than 6 months before the towers fell, so I have been in his grill about politics since the beginning of our relationship.
    He was napping when Rep Giffords was shot. I ranted and raved on Facebook to my family and friends there. In the last half hour I showed him the map of the bull that was posted some months ago. I have seen it in several places today, but most recently on the site "The Swash Zone." I did not show him who had posted it or that it was originally a Sarah Palin post, but I asked him if the person who posted this BS with a bullseye should be counted as responsible. He looked at me like I was nuts. And I remembered looking at my dad with the same expression prior to 1985 (the year I graduated) when he asked me (after watching an episode on "Quincy" in which a teen ager killed him or herself) about my music.  And I remembered that at that time, I thought it was not the responsibility of Kiss, or Ozzy, or Twisted Sister if people listened to their music and thought the music was telling them to kill themselves or others.
I remember watching movies/videos/games and thinking that people who listened to them were just a little off from normal.
I think Sarah Palin is poison. I think she is only in ANYTHING for herself and what she can get. I have friends who live in Wasilla who attended church with her who think she is sweet and kind and blah blah blah. But I can't blame the... female dog.. for someone who may have misinterpreted her BS and acted upon it. Maybe this is what she intended. Maybe it isn't. She didn't point the gun or pull the trigger. And she should SHUT UP. But she should not be prosecuted.

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