Friday, January 7, 2011

What About Yours?

Have you written your Congressional Representative lately? Why or why not?

I have all of the "newbies" in my cell phone. I put them in there yesterday because I could not find the information on Wednesday. And I still have no email address for Rubio, but that does not shock me.

As soon as Steve Southerland's information was up I sent him a quick get acquainted email that said something like, "You ran for the House on the platform of repealing the new health care law. Do you intend to take advantage of taxpayer provided insurance? Why?"  Or something like that.

I have not liked Southerland for years. As the owner of a local funeral home he was featured in a lovely story several years ago on the local news about some poor families father who had died and they had called Southerland. As the grave was being dug huge tree roots were found that was going to require more equipment to remove and the funeral home said it was up to the family to foot the bill. What an ass. I never did hear the resolution, but at the time of the story. OH Look a YouTube video of the story.

Oddly enough he has not yet written back. Do you think he will? Maybe a form letter?

I will write Rubio as soon as I can find an email address. Or maybe I will just call him.

On another note about the "newbies" regarding our newly sworn in Governor: I didn't vote for Rick Scott. I never liked Rick Scott. I think he is probably the biggest crook to ever be elected in our state and OH BOY! is that saying a lot. But when he received praise from Jeb "Let's all be concerned with fetuses and vegetables and stick our noses where they don't belong while social services LOSES living, breathing children" Bush? I almost had to pull my car over to throw up.

We are so incredibly screwed I just cannot stand it. But even people like me who 'blog and try to educate people and vote obviously didn't do enough to get out the vote and get other likeminded people to the polls. Maybe we deserve this too?

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