Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Am I the only Moron in the World?

Or just the biggest?

Please don't answer that.

Ok, I do honestly know that I am not the biggest moron in the world, not even close. There are people out there like Dubya, Dick and Rummy breathing my oxygen and they are much stupider than me,* but I am feeling at least a little silly.

In yesterday's comments Julian complimented my blog (Thank you!) but mentioned that it might be more interesting with pictures. I was not offended; I try not to be offended by kindly offered constructive criticism and that is what this felt like to me. But I had no idea how to upload pictures or videos. If you recall, I asked the question about the video thing some time ago and no one was able to help.

So while commenting on his unveiling yesterday over at Bogs'Blogs, I mentioned that maybe I would post one if I figured out how. Pete's reply? "There's a button."

Duh, there's a button. ** For pictures and videos. Check out the fanciness of it all!

So, my question now is about copyright law. I understand that if I take a picture it is mine and I can display it or not. What about other people's stuff? What if I have had it for a while and have no idea where it came from? I don't want to steal, it is tacky. And I can't UTube from work (can't access the site at all) and work is where I do most of my blogging. ***

So, I just wanted to take a brief moment and admit to the fact that I have been doing this for months now and just absolutely not looked around enough. Check back in, this place could explode with color soon!

*I know that is grammatically incorrect. It seemed appropriate when speaking of that bunch.
** Crap there's a block quote button also. I can stop formatting it myself
*** They are going to get wise and block blogger one day and I am going to have to work!

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