Saturday, September 22, 2007

Half Time Report

It is half-time of the Florida @ Old Miss game. Normally I watch the halftime reports or one of the other 12 games on, but this game is not going as well as I had hoped. Florida is up 14-6, but they do not look like the explosive team that stomped Tennessee last week. The defense is not doing horribly, although all of the missed tackles are making me cringe. The offense appears extremely sluggish. They can't seem to find a rhythm and the game is half over. Two TDs in the first half from the team that averaged 55 points in the first 3 games is not a great number.

Sadly this does not bode well for the game @ LSU in 2 weeks. This is a young team and this is their first game on the road, but the Ole Miss stadium is not the nightmare that Death Valley will be and that will be a night game. I have (sadly) never been to a game @ LSU, but I have heard lots of horror stories about how hostile the atmosphere is, especially at night. I know the Swamp is not really easy to play in for other teams and Death Valley is supposed to be worse.

I hope Coach is working out the kinks in the locker room. I hope this young team is paying attention, calming down and getting ready to go back out there and play the type football they have been playing. Show 'em whose boss, boys!

Go Gators!

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