Sunday, September 9, 2007

College Football Week 2

Well, didn't I just stink this time around? After a lovely 10 for 10 last weekend, I managed a paltry 6 wins this weekend. I truly thought that Michigan was better than they obviously are. And I really thought that Miami had a shot against Oklahoma. Oh, well.

DSD managed 8 wins, but lost 2 due to upsets. South Florida beat Auburn? Wow. And while Spurrier has been running his mouth about his team's ability to win the SEC, I didn't think it was TRUE.

Due to the fact that I live in this wonderful state, I was unable to watch most of the evening games because I was stuck in front of my computer waiting for Gator updates. The Gametracker on Gatorzone is much improved from last year, but it still stinks. And while I love those Gators, $29.95 is a lot to pay to watch them beat Troy 59-31. I have the ESPN Gameplan, but it blacks out the Gator games for those living in the state. Unfair? Of course, but I am used to it. My plan was to hit a sports bar, but I didn't take the fact that DSD's son was with us this weekend into consideration. I find it tacky to take children to a bar and boring to go alone.

So I missed the South Carolina-Georgia game and all but the end of USF-Auburn. At least next week's game is televised. Here's hoping for 1-0 in the SEC. And a better week in the football pool.


Pete Bogs said...

I hear you on going to bars alone... but I do it anyway... a single guy has to get out there...

LeftLeaningLady said...

Well if I were single, maybe I would go alone. But it seems odd to go by myself with DSD sitting at home.