Monday, September 17, 2007

College Football Week 3

How 'bout them Gators? What a treat to see Florida whip a little Volunteer butt! I expected a high scoring game, so Florida's 59 did not shock me too much, but I thought Tennessee would put up decent numbers also. So, either (a) Tennessee's offense is not as good as advertised, or (b) Florida's D is coming together beautifully. I am hoping it is more B than A, but I am not even close to an expert on it. Either way, 1-0 in the SEC and the winner of the UF/UT game has won the SEC 11 of the last 14 years! Let's go to Atlanta!

In other Gator news, according to Gene Menez at Sports Illustrated/Heisman Watch says, "The ballot if the season ended today" his vote would include Tim Tebow at number 2. For what? While the young man is impressive as a QB, he is only a sophomore. While, technically, the Heisman CAN be awarded to a Sophomore or Freshman, tradition does not allow it, so why would you put a sophomore on the ballot? Tim may win the trophy. He could (possibly) win it 2 years in a row, but it won't happen this year.

In other football news, I didn't do so well in this week's pool. It is painful to from 10 for 10 in Week 1 to 5 for 10 in Week 3 and I should have done better. While I truly felt it was possible for ND to beat Michigan, I knew it wasn't probable. And who could have guessed that Miss St would beat Auburn? Oh, well, better luck next week to me!

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