Friday, September 14, 2007

Well Said

I know he doesn't have a shot at winning the election and maybe I wouldn't really like him if I looked more into his politics, but former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel does have the best sound bites.

""I'm prepared to tell you that Americans are getting fatter and dumber," the former Alaska senator told comedian Bill Maher, one of the debate's moderators. "I have no problem saying that.""

I really do respect a Presidential candidate who speaks his mind. I will probably vote for him in the Primary. What difference does it make? My vote isn't going to count anyway!

There is a short blurb on the rest of what he said here. There is a video also with some more comments. Very interesting.


Pete Bogs said...

yeah, the DNC may screw us on the primary... if they do it's war!

LeftLeaningLady said...

I don't like war, Pete. Can't we just have a letter writing campaign?