Sunday, September 2, 2007

College Football Roundup

Go Gators!

Ok, so I understand that playing Western Kentucky is not exactly a hardship. It is practically a scrimmage. But it did prove that Tim Tebow can throw the ball. My brother called me at the end of the 1st quarter to announce that Tim had not thrown a single incomplete pass. He had only thrown 3 passes at that point, but none of them were incomplete! He had also already thrown for over 100 yards.

The final score (after just over 51 minutes of football)* was 49-3. There were some old timers out there, but more new names and faces! Here's to a great 2007!


In other news,

1. Michigan lost to Appalachian State. I really love typing that! What a joke. This was the team who felt they should have played for the National Championship instead of Florida last year and who many had picked to play for the National Championship this year! Plus, DSD is a Colombus, Ohio born and bred Buckeye, so I get to hate the Wolverines by default. (He hates the 'Noles, that is what love is all about!).

2. DSD and I participate weekly during college football in a friendly little football pool organized by our friends at our neighborhood watering hole. There are 10 games each week, winner is the person who picks the most correct wins. If there is a tie, one game is chosen as a tie breaker and the person who picks the number closest to the combined total score wins. I first started playing during the 2004 season and I didn't get to play every week, but the weeks I did play I would win 3 out of 10 or 4 out of 10. I never used REASON, you see. I made all my picks on emotion. Pick FSU to win? Not bloody likely!
During the 2005 season I did better. I was even tied going into the Bowl pool, the last one of the year.. worth the most money. Unfortunately, Texas and USC kept scoring and scoring and scoring and my tiebreaker was not that high.**
Last year I won the next to the last weekly pool (Thanksgiving weekend football!) AND the Bowl pool! (I was starting to sweat when no one scored in the 3rd quarter of the National Championship game. I needed that last TD to win. The fact that it was a Gator TD just made it sweeter!)
So far this week, I am 9 for 9. DSD chose Wake Forest in the BC/Wake game, so he is only 8 for 9. The last game is tomorrow night at 7 CDT. The Bowden Bowl. I didn't pick FSU to win, but that is because they usually don't when they play Clemson. And my tie breaker number is 54. Wish me luck, I could use the money!

3. I had Auburn in the pool and I like to support the SEC teams when they play out of conference, but I would have been thrilled if KState had pulled out the win. My best friend, P, is from Manhattan, KS and practically her entire family has attended KState. I figured Auburn would win, but it was a really great game and I hope that is a sign that KState is going to be competitive in the Big 12. Plus I have a special place in my heart for them since their defeat of Texas last year led to my Gators in the National Championship game!***

* Game was called on account of lightning before the middle of the 4th quarter.
**The loss would not have been so horrendous, but the winner was a girl who made her picks on uniform color and has no interest in college football normally.
***It really is all about the Gators, you know!


andante said...

As to Number One: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The ACC teams know better than to schedule a non-conference game with App. Michigan learned the hard way.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I think only Michigan would not be ready for that game. App State is a good football team, but if they were good enough to play in Div1A, they would. I wish the new polls would come out showing their drop!

The Double-U Show said...

I absolutely love the fact that Michigan had their asses handed to them. they have been one of the more overrated programs (notre dame included) to play college football. don't get me wrong, they're GOOD. But the big-10 as a whole is weak in the knees. i've got florida playing in one of the big four bowls this year. That whole team is just phenomenal top to bottom

LeftLeaningLady said...

I am always elated and nervous this time of year. Elated because, of course, it is football season. But nervous because I want them to win every game everytime (I know I am not the only fan who feels this way!)

It is nice to know that others appreciate my Gators, though. I hope you are correct. I would love another BCS game!