Thursday, September 27, 2007

First an Explanation

Shel over at Yah Sure, You Betcha has been reviewing the series premieres of new shows and the season premieres of older, returning shows. She has inspired me to write this.. well, actually the next post, but I wanted to acknowledge her here!

But first I want to explain my TV viewing habits. I don't watch TV. Really? Practically never. I may catch a few minutes of whatever is on the television, but very seldom do I watch entire shows. Why? Because of the moral decay of society due to the prevelance of sex and violence on TV? Get real! Because I am intellectually superior to those who can find amusement on the small screen? Of course not! Frankly, it is because I am lazy.

At some point in his life, DSD actually started believing the propaganda that men are supposed to control the remote and, therefore, the viewing habits of the family. And he watches some really stupid shit. How many CSI reruns can one person stomach? How many Dirty Jobs can there possibly be? And, while I like crab, I don't want to watch men going without sleep/food/bathing to bring it to me. And he doesn't care about what I do or don't want to watch 99% of the time. Sometimes this bothers me, but (here is the lazy part) it just isn't that important to me. I would rather read a book, play TheSims2 or talk on the phone, or all 3 if I can ever figure out how. I am not going to fight with him about what he is watching on TV. It isn't worth it.

PLUS, we do have 5 blasted TVs in the house, I could go to another room. Again it is not worth it to me. See above on what I would rather be doing.

There are exceptions to my "I don't care" rule. I never missed one single, solitary episode of Alias, not even the last 1 1/2 seasons when it was, in a word, dumb. I never missed The West Wing, until ABC moved Alias from Sunday to Wednesday (I probably should have stuck with The West Wing). When Genie Francis returned to General Hospital last November for a brief 3 week stint as Laura Spencer, I watched every episode on SoapNet (we only get that on the main TV), and when Dixie Martin 'died' on All My Children back in February I took over the TV for an entire Saturday afternoon. *

So with that explantion in place, on the next post.

*These were both big deals, because I don't have time to watch the soaps much anymore, although I don't miss a lot of All My Children updates on the 'net.


Shel said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I usually don't watch mu television--except this past week when I've been to exhausted to even page through a magazine much less read a book at night. The job hunt continues!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Good luck on the job hunt! And if you get the chance, check out Journeyman on Mondays. I think I will review that one after I watch it again tonight!