Sunday, September 23, 2007

Post Game plus Football Pool comments

Well the Gators managed to squeak by the Ole Miss Rebels 30-24 in the first road game of 2007. WOW. It was a nerve-racking game and I was glad when it was finished. The Gators did not come close to covering the 20.5 point spread that was predicted for the game, but a W in the win/lose column was all I was looking for.

I hope you did not find this blog expecting some sort of play by play or a break down of the offense/defense, etc that is not my expertise.

Next week the Gators are hosting Auburn. Auburn has not played well so far this year, but we all know they will bring their A game to the Swamp in the hope of knocking Florida out of the #3 spot like they did last year. (It WAS an incomplete pass!)

I managed 8 out of 10 in this week's football pool. Up to the point where I put in my picks, I was the only to take KY, so that is in my favor. Unfortunately I picked PennSt to beat Michigan (come on they lost to App St) and Bama to win out over Georgia and neither of those went my way. If no one got9 or 10 though, it is pretty much in the bag. The tie-breaker game was Ball St @ Nebraska and I picked 82. Combined points? 81! I wish I had gotten that close the first week when I managed 10 for 10!


Pete Bogs said...

and the Bucs won again! though I don't really follow football...

LeftLeaningLady said...

I do enjoy like the Bucs. I don't know how a person functions without football, but to each his own.