Friday, September 7, 2007

Pre/Post Kickoff Thoughts

Well, I didn't win last week's football pool, although I did go 10 for 10. I sat through the 4th quarter of the FSU/Clemson game hoping and praying for just one more score (by Clemson) and never got it. I had 54 for the tie-breaker, the total was 42 and the winner had 43. Better luck this week, right?

This week's games:

Bama @ Vandy Bama
Oregon @ Michigan Michigan (come on, do you think they are going to lose again?)
SouthMiss @ TN TN (see the remarks from above)
ND @ Penn St Penn St
S Florida @ Aub Aub
Miami @ OK Miami (not sure that I chose correctly on this one!)
Neb @ WF Neb
S Carolina @ Georgia Georgia (tie breaker game) 48

I think I probably should have gone higher on the tie breaker. I usually do pretty well on picking the winners, but I stink at the tie breakers. Both SC and UGa should score a lot. While UGa is normally fairly good defensively, Spurrier's Fun'nGun can be a killer. This is not the SEC of the 90's though, so I think UGa can beat them (I hope).

DSD chose Oregon over Michigan (did I mention he was from Colombus, OH?) and Oklahoma over Miami. I am pretty sure I chose Oklahoma in last year's Fiesta Bowl, so I am still pretty POed at them.

I have also joined the fray at and entered their pool. Grand Prize is an NCAA 2008 football weekend. I have always wanted to watch the OSU/Michigan game in the 'Shoe!

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