Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I received a lovely surprise this morning while cruising through the 'blog world when I opened up Unpopular Ideas and saw Carl's latest post, The Gator Lady. It was a very flattering post about my Gator and hurricane obsessions. Carl, very sweetly, says that I am intelligent and informed, not obsessive, but I can acknowledge my OCD. If you have never read Carl's 'blog, you should, even if you don't want to know how cool I am. He is a little older than I am and sees the world from a different, a lot of the times more interesting, place.


I did win this year's football pool. $240.00. I think it was less than my 2006 winnings because the creators were out of town. My record was 15 -5. It did come down to the Championship Game. I was 14 - 5 and one of the other players was 13 - 6, but he had Oklahoma to beat Florida. That would have caused a tie and his number (the combined total points) was less than mine. The entire world thought the game would be an offensive shoot out, with the last team who scored winning, so both numbers were MUCH higher than the 38 total points scored. Basically if Oklahoma had won, I would have been out of the money. I am enjoying the money, but Florida winning was really all I could hope for.


While my knowledge of football is fairly extensive, I am not an expert. There are several reasons for that, but the #1 reason is that there are NO college football experts. I won this year's pool by going with my heart over my head. No one who knew the rankings and the odds would have deliberately picked Vanderbilt (last bowl game won during the Korean War) over Boston College's longest active bowl winning streak. Or Ole Miss to actually win over Texas Tech. But I picked both and won them. The only time my heart was wrong was in the Fiesta Bowl (tOSU did not beat Texas) and in whatever bowl FSU was in. Did I really think Wisconsin had a chance?


Just FYI, in 2005 the Bowl pool winner picked teams based on uniform color. No joke. Again it came down to the National Championship Game; I tied with her, but her tiebreaker number was better and she won the money. On.Uniform.Color.


A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie, commonly used to fasten long hair. Large, elaborate styles and diminutive, unassuming forms are available.
The scrunchie was invented by Phillip E. Meyers for the Scunci family in 1963, and Rommy Revson patented the design in 1994.

You can see a picture of one here, although my GameDay one is orange and blue and not that fancy.


According to Sarah Palin, I am a liar.

According to me, she is an idiot.

Anyone want to lay odds on which one of us is correct?


I have more, but no more time and this is getting looooooong. I'll try to do another one soon.

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Shel said...

Love the hodge podge.

When I was still in grad school, we always had a NCAA b-ball tourney pool. I'd never spend too much time on my picks, but some people would really agonize over them. They were really peeved one year--the winner made her picks by choosing who had the better colors. She won about $200. Sometimes there's just no logic to things...