Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Beginning of 2009

I managed to spend the entire first three days of 2009 either playing video games on my pc or watching college football. How lovely to just let my brain and body rest and relax and rejuvinate.

After reading the news and the blogs, maybe I just wanted to stay with my head in the sand, though. I've come out of my self-induced news coma to discover that Israel has started a ground war in the Gaza and over 400 Palestinians are dead. And the White House is supporting Israel or, at least, not condemning them. And I still don't understand why the Israelis are so pissed off.

On the homefront, however, things are not bad. BabyBoy has managed to secure very, very part time work and has friends who want him to move in rent free. He says he will be out of here in a week. While the thought of him living somewhere else makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little, he is almost 20 and it will probably be good for him. I am hoping that this dose of the Real World (the real one, not the TV show) will wake him up some and he will focus more on school in the upcoming semesters. I am guessing he will move out for 2 - 3 months and then return home for a while. But that gives us time to remodel the main bathroom while he is out of the house. (Us being DSD with me making runs to and from the hardware store.)

And (knock on wood) I may in the money for the end of year Bowl football pool. While the weekly pool has 10 games with a $5.00 entry fee, the Bowl pool has 20 with a $10 entry fee. Our friends who run the pool are out of town and have been since about Dec 20, so they asked DSD if he would collect money and papers from those who had not had a chance to enter before they left. I went through the ones he had gathered on Friday night and there is no chance that any of them can beat me, even if I lose the last 2 games (Ohio State & Texas, Florida & Oklahoma). So far I am 14-4, thanks to the SEC's Vanderbilt and Ole Miss pulling out amazing wins. I won the entire thing two years ago to the tune of $320.00. That would be a nice New Year's bonus this year!

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