Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday BSing

Work, work, work with no time to blog. How horrible is that? I should probably be working now, but I figured I could take a few minutes to babble.

**My son's little sister was born Nov 5th. He is very excited to finally be a big brother (he's only been asking for about 10 years). He is calling her Kaylee. That is not her name, but the poor thing's name is really just AWFUL and he refuses to use it. Poor baby, an awful name and that man for a father. I hope he has grown up a lot since our son was that age or she is in for a long, hard life.

**The week after the honeymoon I went back for my 6 month recheck mamogram. There has been no change so the doctors don't seem concerned at all. I will have another (both breasts this time, I can't wait!) in 6 more months and then back to the yearly thing. I know that men hate the prostate check, but give me a break. It is only a couple of minutes and you are on your way. I would much rather have a prostate check than a Pap and Mamogram (if, you know, I had a prostate). Stop whining and get checked.

**2-3 more weeks of regular Div I college football. What a wild season it has been! Another #2 lost last night. Oregon fell after their QB fell. Who's next? I can't even begin to predict who will end up in the BCS games. I just hope Ohio State kicks Michigan's ass tomorrow and Florida whips FSU the following Saturday. (And if Georgia and Tennessee could each lose a game in the next 2 weeks, allowing Florida to play LSU again in Atlanta for the SEC Championship... well, I am fine with that, too.)

**Married life is awesome. :-)

**I mentioned in this post that we were pushing for DSD's youngest son to come live with us. Or at least we were discussing it. The child's mother was not happy at that idea and there is no justification for suing her for custody. She is not a bad mother. It isn't like she beats him or mistreats him. She loves him and takes great care of him. Sadly, I think she takes TOO good care of him. Is that even possible? He is 13 years old. When does anything become his responsibility? He is not working on grade level and she wants to spend $1300 a month in tutoring to get him up to grade level so that he can go on to HS next year. HELLO! My house payment is not $1300 a month! And I do not know how spending another $1300 a month on tutors is going to make him pay attention and learn. Can a child be MADE to learn? Plus tutoring is not going to help his immaturity or lack of social skills.

As soon as we get our insurance straightened out (shouldn't take long, just getting the paperwork in) we are going to get this child into longterm therapy. His issues are not NORMAL. Maybe there is something else wrong besides just AD/HD. Maybe he has a learning disability also, but there are problems. And they need to be addressed and apparently I am the only one who sees how HUGE they are.

** Not much more going on (that I can think of now). Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Trying not to think about Christmas. Enjoying life. What more can a person ask for?

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