Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pictures! I promised

The boys! That handsome young man on the right is my son! The young one is DSD's youngest. I am not sure we have any of his other 2 children, because it was so late in the evening when we finally got them on camera.

This was about 12:00.

The tent finally leaving the ground about 2:45

My dress!

This is me! I am leaning over the balcony to see what is going on at the tent. I am completely ready, except for the dress, of course! Check out those cool Gator sunglasses. I am also waiting on DSD to shower inside the room. We saw each other in the morning, but he isn't allowed to see me now until I am 100% ready!

I will post more pictures soon! The really good ones will be next!


Pete Bogs said...

what a wonderful setting for a wedding! thanks for sharing it with us...

andante said...

Whoa....THAT is a tent! Not the dress, the TENT. Huge.

....look at that glorious blue sky! Looks like you really caught a break after a all that rain.

More, please!

LeftLeaningLady said...

Pete, it was an exceptionally beautiful day/place.

andante, it was the biggest tent we could find. 80x30. HUGE. So, yes, I understand that it does not go up in 20 minutes, but better planning on their part would have been nice!

More pictures as soon as I have time. Unfortunately, I have to do those from home and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day. Maybe one a day?

Shel said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Beautiful dress.

Question about the tent: Were the people at the tent rental company wearing "Caution: Rental Guy" t-shirts? That was one of my favorites from my party last summer.

LeftLeaningLady said...

shel, i think at one point they didn't even have shirts on, although they did by the time i got down there. i didn't have anything to do with them, because i was getting ready, but i don't think they spoke English very well.