Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Sure I Can Buy This

My son was born in April 1989. I quit work to be a stay at home mom in January of '89, so I had a little over two months when I could listen to my body and do what it said. I didn't have to get up at a certain time (except for the ocasional doctor's appointment) or go to bed at a certain time. My husband at the time worked shift work, so his hours were wacky anyway. I just listened to what my body wanted. After about 6 weeks my schedule went something like this:

3pm - wake up, get something to eat, shower,

4-7pm - do whatever chores needed doing, laundry, mopping, bathroom cleaning, etc. Cook and eat dinner if husband was going to work at 10p.

7-10pm - watch whatever was on TV I wanted to watch.

10-12pm - Cook and eat dinner if husband had just gotten off work. Clean up dishes either way.

12-1am - Go to bed and wait patiently for husband to go to sleep (if he was home) then get up.

1am-whenever - Watch all daytime TV shows that I had taped while I was sleeping (yes, I have always known how to program a VCR). Then play video games or read a book until I was tired enough to sleep. Usually about 5 or 5:30.

There was one other time when I was out of work for about a month and my body did the same thing. My body does not like to watch sunrise, unless I am headed for bed right after. I wish I was one of those people who popped out of bed every morning, happy, chipper, smiling @ 0600 ready to start the day. Instead I hit the snooze button, stumble to the shower and speak in a grunt for 2 hours!

Which brings me to this story that says that cancer is linked to the graveyard shift for two reasons...

#1. People are going against their bodies natural rhythms (What am I doing?)

#2. They are not getting enough sunlight. (And the people who work in factories 12 hours a day do? I work in an office with no windows, although I do wander from building to building sometimes)

So I think this is just another scare. We can't live in a bubble and make a living and some people have no choice. Why scare the hell out of them?

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