Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Common Courtesy anyone?

Why are people so damn rude? Why are people so damn lazy?

On Monday night I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few basic necessities (bread, milk, oj, caffeine-free Diet Coke) on my way home from work. I am not one to drive around the parking lot looking for a super close parking spot, I think that is stupid. I just happened to get lucky, because the store was not busy & got the spot closest to the door. I bought my items and delivered them to my car and looked around for a spot for my cart. Well the store was closer to where I was parked than the 'buggy corral' so I took my cart back into the store. As I was walking back to my car I watched a woman (parked 2 spots from the corral) just PUSH her cart away from her. The cart traveled across the lane and came to rest in a empty parking spot. An empty HANDICAPPED parking spot. Right in the middle of it so there was no way to park a car in the spot. I absolutely saw red. This woman was not elderly and didn't appear feeble. Frankly, she was fat and could have used a couple of extra steps of exercise. So, staring right at her, I marched to the cart and pushed it back to the store. She was driving away as I came out and I just glared at her, she did not meet my eyes.

Was I rude also in this instance? Maybe. Was it possible that she had a reason for not taking her cart to the proper place? Possibly. But there was NO REASON to push the cart across the entire lane and into a handicapped spot. I can sympathize with parents of small children who are not comfortable leaving their children in the car to put the cart away, but normally when I see this, they put the cart in a place where it will not hinder other shoppers' ability to park. I can sympathize with those who are not physically capable of getting the cart to the corral. But this was complete and total rudeness on her part and I am sick of people like her.

It seems to me that the basic rules of polite society are missing today (at least around here). While I understand that many sections of the country do not believe in using the "yes ma'am, yes sir" that I personally believe in, is there something wrong with "Please and Thank you"? Is there something wrong with a holding a door for a stranger? Especially a stranger who has their hands full?

It is sad, but maybe if we all acted like the people in those TIAA-CREF commercials, the world would be a better place.


Jack K. said...

Yeah, you probably were rude in glaring at her. By doing so, you have probably given power over you that you didn't want her to have.

You might want to move the cart because it is the right thing to do and then wave and smile at the inconsiderate boob. That will make them feel even worse. They didn't get your goat.

Serve others, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart. Your life will be much more fun that way. You will be surprised at the prosperity and good feelings that will come your way. Or not. lol

Narsbars said...

At my grocery store in Maine the same types see the big "Fire Lane, No Parking" areas in front of the stores as reserved parking. They block crosswalks, Block traffic, and then load their cars with the doors further blocking traffic.
The police just drive by.

LeftLeaningLady said...

jack, you are so right. I will try that in the future.

nars, my post was getting too long, because that was my next rant!