Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Give Up...

See? Here I am and here I go, HOP, onto the bandwagon.

No, not the Kansas bandwagon, or the Mizzu one. I can't wait for one of those teams to get flattened in the Championship Game. I am hopping onto the "Tim Tebow for Heisman" bandwagon. I have repeatedly denied that he will win the Heisman for the entire season. Florida is not in the National Championship race; they aren't even in the SEC race anymore AND (this is the biggie), our beloved Timmy is a SOPHOMORE.

Sophomores don't win the Heisman. If they did, don't you think they would have given one to Herschel Walker? And any decent Florida fan knows the only reason Grossman didn't win in '01 was because he was a sophomore (I don't care if he sucks at Chicago, we are comparing apples and oranges).

The trophy is supposed to go to the best all-around football player. Not the best Senior or Junior. Not the best QB, or running back. The best all-around player. Do I think that Tim is the best all-around player? No. ESPN The Magazine did a story on why LSU's Glenn Dorsey should win. And they are probably right. But Glenn is a defensive player and I have not heard his named mentioned in conjunction with the trophy.

So, if the trophy is going to go to an offensive player, a quarterback or running back, who should receive it? Who has earned it?

I am not going to list all the stats of all the offensive football players in Div IA football. But here are Tim's for 2007 (the only year in question, the Heisman is not supposed to be given out on past accomplishments).

Passing 198 for 289. 68.5% completed for a total of 2870 yards and 26 TDs and 6 interceptions.

Rushing 181 times for 749 yards and 20 TDs. No fumbles.

Pretty impressive numbers. If Florida had a Defense, they could be right back in the National Title hunt.

And, in case you missed the news (because you live under a rock), Tim is the first Div1A football player EVER to rush and pass for 20 TDs each in one season. EVER. That is a pretty big stat.
And that is what convinced me he should win.

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