Thursday, August 16, 2007

Long Live the King

I am not a whack job, I swear. For the most part I am a (fairly) intelligent, rational person so mired in reality that I miss some of the simple pleasures. My beliefs, however, on what happened 30 years ago today in the Memphis mansion called Graceland are probably as far-fetched as they come. My family will not even mention Elvis in front of me because they are sick of my trying to convince them I am right.

No, Elvis did not voluntarily leave the life and people he loved. He is not now, nor has he ever been, a member of the FBI, CIA, or DEA. He did not just make a run for it because he was bored. SOMETHING happened in that 2nd floor bathroom. A heart attack? A stroke? A drug overdose? Something. But, I honestly don't believe Elvis died. There is just too much unexplained weirdness.

Why were there 2 death certificates? Why was there only 1 permit filed to move Elvis and his mother to Graceland from the cemetary where they were originally buried? Was Gladys left behind? Or was there only 1 body to move? I don't buy Vernon's BS explanation about the name on the grave either. "Elvis always wished his middle name was spelled Aaron". Yea, okay. The life insurance that was never cashed in, although we all know Elvis was broke as a joke on 16 Aug 1977. (Thanks Col Parker, you useless, thieving POS.) Have you looked at the picture of Elvis in the coffin? Why was it suddenly 1958 again? Why did the coffin weigh so much? Sure Elvis had packed on the weight, but he wasn't bedridden. And the sightings? I don't really lean toward believing he was seen every week at the local gas station. But the ones where he was seen in the backseat of a limo leaving Graceland at 4am? And weren't there some who swear he waved at them from the bedroom window when they were touring Graceland? What about the pictures of Lisa with a man who DID look remarkably like an older Elvis (from the back)?

I think Elvis sustained brain damage that fateful day. I believe he was probably left with the mentality and personality of a toddler and he lived his remaining days on the 2nd floor at Graceland. The grief would have been real, Elvis, who he really was, was gone. The body remained with a childlike innocence, but the essential "Elvis" really was dead. And Priscilla stepped up to protect her only child and Elvis' only heir. She turned into a tiger trying to protect her cub and the memory of a man who belonged to all of us.

Whether I am right or not does not matter. I believe, if he survived that fateful day, he is gone now. Elvis is at rest, although he will never be forgotten. His music will survive as long as there are those of us who know what an amazing talent he had, as long as we pass it on to our children, as long as there is one person who appreciates the story, the music, the struggle.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

Elvis Aron Presley
Born 8 Jan 1935
"Died" 16 Aug 1977
Rest in Peace. You are missed and will never be forgotten.

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