Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby steps they may be... but they are headed in the right direction

I didn't work yesterday, I had some bug (not sure I am over it, but I am back at work) and the most intelligent TV I watched between napping was "My Cousin Vinny" (I love that movie).

So I was dumbfounded when I heard on the radio this morning that I had missed last night's milestone event for the Democratic hopefuls. This was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and the TV channel, Logo. Both of these entities are gay rights supporters and I have to commend them for this occurence. This gave the American people who care about human rights more knowledge of those running for President. This gave the Democratic hopefuls a place to share their views, beliefs, etc. And it proved, once again, that the Repubs have no interest in anyone different from themselves (white, male, straight, rich) as they have all turned down an invitation to participate in an event like this one for themselves.

I was saddened that none of the front runners felt that the word 'marriage' could be used within the GLBT community. I, personally, believe that the term 'civil union' returns us to the separate but equal policy that was stricken down in 1954 in Brown v the Board of Education. Separate schools for different races were not equal then and civil unions for homosexuals is not equal to marriage for heterosexuals today. But I am hoping that if homosexuals are given the right to marry via civil unions then eventually we will drop the semantics and accept everyone as equals. I may be wrong, but I hope not. On this issue I think baby steps are the only ones that are going to be taken, but the steps are taking us in a direction that will bring equality to all Americans. It is much better than a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man/one woman anyway.

On a much happier note, however, all of the candidates believe that it is reasonable to:

"repeal the Don't ask, don't tell policy that prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military. Include gays, lesbians and transgendered people in hate crimes laws. And protect gays lesbians and transgendered people form discrimination in jobs and housing"

"Don't ask/don't tell" was a milestone in its time and I think President Clinton did a wonderful thing by opening the door for equality, but I think it is time to take it farther. Wouldn't it nice if one day "all men are created equal" really did mean EVERYONE?

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The Double-U Show said...

was this the one where bill richardson said he wasn't about gay marriage? what a dumb ass, he might as well sit at home now!