Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank you for your Support

It is amazing to me that this administration, this flag waving, saluting, tie a yellow ribbon, "We support our boys in uniform" administration, is being sued by the same troops they allegedly love so much because the troops are being screwed out of their benefits when they return home. Look, the Veteran's Administration (VA) is a mess, it has always been a mess, and it will probably always be a mess without a complete overhaul. But I know plenty of people who play the system like a fine tuned piano and get money (tax free money) they have no business receiving every month for the rest of their life. But to deny claims by veterans serving in a WAR (not their fault it is an illegal war) or to discharge them with nothing is CRIMINAL.

What is the White House doing about this? Why, they've convened a panel, of course. The panel has made its recommendations.
"But the White House said not to expect action right away." Of course not, why would we?

Of course, there is more of a pro-W spin at this site (where is the liberal media when I need it. But both stories, amazingly, have this to say about the VA's mental health support.

"Only recently, the VA has taken steps to add mental health counselors and 24-hour suicide prevention services at all facilities, after high-profile incidents of veterans committing suicide. In the past, the VA had failed to use all the money for mental health that was allotted to it."

Because, you know, it hasn't been repeatedly proven that war causes mental health problems.

I am glad that W isn't supporting me.


Natalee said...

My SIL has been working at the VA this summer, and let me tell ya, I totally agree.

Obviously no one has learned the lessons from any of the previous wars, and what our veterans are still dealing with.

Is it 1/20/09 yet?

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