Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

* H/T to TrueBlueTexan, whom I will be meeting face to face in less than a month, for her round up of the crazies of the week. Joe the Plumber and burning houses. The entire post made me throw up in my mouth a little, so that means she did an awesome job!

*A Facebook friend posted this link to a PBS Special titled, "God in America." I am hoping to DVR it and watch it.. soon? Ish? One day? Maybe over Thanksgiving???

*Troy University Term I ends today. My final exam and research paper are turned in and I am attempting to read the first chapter of the class that starts tomorrow on Public Administration. Why are text books so boring?

*DSDs follow up appointment is in the morning. He was incredible at the grocery store last weekend and has been careful with his food intake lately. He has never been one to over eat, but he does love his salt. He has cut it almost completely out and has been leaving the vegetable cooking to me. (He did love to ruin most veggies with too much salt!) So think nice thoughts about us in the morning.. if you are so inclined.

*A friend from high school posted on Facebook today asking that everyone vote for Alex Sink for governor of Florida. This friend is not very political, but she is a Republican. Apparently Rick Scott is planning to privatize many of the state employees. She is very concerned about her job, her retirement, her future. She is a probation officer and has been in the same position since she graduated college, so ~ 20 years.

*In case I have mentioned it - I'M GOING TO DC FOR JON STEWART'S RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY.  You know, in case you missed it!

*Congrats to my friends, Matt and Mary, who don't read this 'blog, but who are getting married today!


Loulou La Poule said...

Count me in...I'm going in both my iterations (as Loulou and as Nance). I'd love to meet up there. In fact, I'd like to figure out how to designate a meeting place for liberal bloggers and publicize that the same way we find each other here: by posting it!

Let me know where you're meeting and I'll join you there if I can. There's a little matter of an exacerbated physical issue...that's all that will keep me away and I hope to resolve that when I get home from San Diego and see my doc.

Congratulations on finishing up the term! I love seeing your comments around my favorite stomping grounds.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I know NOTHING about the area, so I am open to any ideas and suggestions. Let me know and I will post the meeting area!