Monday, October 18, 2010

I WAS ready for some football, but the team was not.

Well I had a lovely weekend in Gainesville. Great weather. Excellent food. Lots of fun.

My team lost.  Again. Third week in a row. This hasn't happened since the mid 80s. Crazy.

Me and Treebow at the Ballyhoo Grill for dinner Friday night.
Dinner was amazing. I am touching his Heisman. 

Why am I not allowed to put more than one picture in this post????? 

Well, there will be another picture in the next post then. Or another post just for the next picture. Annoying. 

I haven't posted much about my love of college football (especially the University of Florida Gators) because there hasn't been a lot to post, they've looked AWFUL, and there have been so many other topics to cover. I'm not going to say much now, except.. "What happened here?" 

Well, there IS always next year!  


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