Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Leaving.. On a jet plane!

Which is a bonus, because until our new airport opened we only had props!

For stalking purposes:

BabyBoy & I will be on the 6:05am flight out of Panama City and will be arriving in Baltimore at ~ 9:15 (we are changing time zones, it is only a 2 hour flight).  We will be taking the B30 bus into D.C at a cost of less than $10.00 each, instead of the $100 or more it would have cost to fly into Dulles.  I think the bus takes us to the green line, but I will have to check. We will eventually be switching to the blue and orange line (it's an omen) which we will take to the FoggyBottom metro station and then make our way to our hotel! (Pretty fancy, huh?? Thank goodness for credit card points or we would be camping under a bridge!)

The plan is to check in and then wander around D.C. gaping like tourists and asking strangers to take our pictures, because, we will be tourists and we will need to have proof we were there.

On Saturday we will be meeting TrueBlueTexan at 9am at the refreshment stand across the street from the National Air and Space Museum. I think there may be many other bloggers there at that time for a giant group hug... or at least some handshaking with alcohol wipes. :-) (If I still have this hacking cough, may I suggest a 4 foot radius? And, possibly a Lysol bath after?)

I am planning to carry a sheet or blanket to sit on during the festivities, I think, because I am not carrying chairs on the plane, but I have no idea where we will be parking our behinds.. or if we will.

I also do not plan to be arrested for jumping on Bruce Willis, but if I am... trust me it was worth it! :-)

Someone on Facebook was trying to set up an "Insanity after the Sane Rally" party, but it didn't seem to take off. I think there will be plenty of open pubs and bars and restaurants to re-examine the day.

What did I forget?? I hope you all make it!


True Blue Texan said...

This is going to be an awful, frustrating week at work. The anticipation is killing me.

Sorry the after party seems to have fizzled but I'm sure there will be plenty of others. We'll just have to crash the loudest one.

fallenmonk said...

I'm jealous but have a great time. DC is a nice city to tourist around in and it is a shame that you won't have more time. If you have a few minutes and are on the mall make sure to visit the Vietnam war memorial. It is a must visit. It brings tears to my eyes every time since I can find the names of several of my high school friends and Navy buddies there. Not all of DC is safe at night to just wander but if you stick to the main tourist areas you should be fine. If in doubt about the safety...spend the bucks and grab a cab. And wear comfortable shoes!

LeftLeaningLady said...

TBT, because I am feeling icky, I want time to slow down, I want to be completely healthy before we leave!

FM, I'm only taking comfortable shoes, but I will keep the cab advice in mind. Definitely going to make the Vietnam memorial.