Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football and Facebook and Schoolwork and Crazy

I have started at least 2 possibly more posts on the health care bull hockey floating around. I am not even certain NPR is giving it a fair wrap. I am, personally, sick of the fighting, but then I realize most of the people doing the fighting are those with jobs who provide decently priced benefits. Or those who are older and on Medicare who shudder at the thought of "socialized" medicine. Damn hypocrites.

Today was the first day of UF Gator football. Ok, it was actually a scrimmage game against Charleston Southern University, who drove to Gainesville for the $450,000 they were being paid to get their behinds kicked. 62-3 is a pretty nice behind kicking for that kind of money. DSD and I were in the Swamp last year when the Gators did a beatdown of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Final score 63-5 and they didn't make any money from the game.

I will be in the Swamp next weekend for the Gator beat down of the Troy University Trojans. Yes, I am, technically, attending Troy University. Yes, I am cheering for the Gators. I have been a fan for at least 25 years that isn't going to change. Ever.

I should be working on my book report. Ok, it isn't technically a book report, but that is what I call it. I have to do assignment, 1 other and 2 mid terms before I leave town next Saturday morning. I should do that now. Any of it. But it is late and I am tired. I will work on it tomorrow, I swear. Maybe.

I have been spending too much time on Facebook. I have mentioned the fact that some of my family is slightly insane. It isn't just me, I have confirmation from others that they are crazy. On Thursday I posted the following on my 'status'

"Daddy Bush spoke to school children across American and no one thought anything about it. Maybe, those of you who have a problem with the duly elected President of the US speaking to your child(ren), you should search your hearts and ask yourself "Why?" I am pretty sure I KNOW why. And none of those reasons are very Christian. Yes, I went there."

In case you have not heard, the President is supposed to speak to the nation's school children on Tuesday. He is supposed to speak on the greatness of education. I am not certain how that is going to hypnotize our children into murdering Jewish people (there was a Hitler reference in the comments to the above status), but I guess it can be done in less than half an hour.*

On top of everything else my life at work has been... uncomfortable. Two of us have blown the whistle on a third and the investigation is moving slooooooooowly. So person #3 is still there until it is over. I am constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am also job hunting, because I will not be comfortable continuing in my current position if that person stays.

So, all in all, a fairly busy week in front of me. Probably a busy month. I am trying to make sure I stop by all of your blogs as often as possible, although it isn't often enough. I will try to do better.

I am working on getting a guest blogger, so that someone else can talk about the political stuff that I am missing, because I know I am missing a lot.

Thank you all for your patience.

*I hope I have done a better job of raising my child than that. If his mind can be swayed in less than 30 minutes, maybe I should let the crazies have him?


D said...

No worries. I'm happy if I get two postings out a week for now. I don't know how you do it. Really. I have one class that's kicking my ass. I don't know what I'd do if I were taking two at the same time on top of work. Oy. You have my respect, that's for sure!

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

I have a lot more time for reading on the net than you do, but I still find it impossible to do more than just a desultory job of it regardless, for various reasons. I'm sure you would be able to do just as well and better in a lot less time.

I had trouble connecting your very last paragraph to anything else in your post. What am I missing?