Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Mr. President,

"Don't Ask/Don't Tell" - Unconstitutional!

Well, duh.

But it has been ruled so again. And there has been an ordered entered to immediately stop kicking people out of the military if they are homosexual. YAY!!

So now the Dept of Justice (DOJ) has 60 days to appeal the order, but, of course, they won't because the President opposes.... Wait. What?

The DoJ can do what it wants? Even if President Obama supports the repeal, the DoJ can still appeal this decision?

Dear Mr. President,

Man up. Your health care bill is barely adequate (ask my 21 year old son who does not have coverage) and Gitmo is still open. We will be in Iraq until long after I am dead. There is no more transparency than there was 4 years ago. Business as usual in the Capital. AT LEAST let's repeal this law that even a baby can see is unconstitutional. PLEASE do something before the mid-term elections and if that means firing the DoJ, don't you have that right? Aren't they part of your cabinet? Don't they work for you??

Thank you very much,
The Lefts

Could you PLEASE lean a little more my way? That reaching across the aisle bulls&%( ain't working!

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