Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poor, Pitiful Me

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, and underappreciated. While discussing this weekend's planned trip to the Mississippi St @ Florida game, DSD and I had words. He said he was joking.. about having biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast... fried chicken for lunch... ribeyes for dinner. He probably was, because he has been fabulous about what he is actually eating, but it is stressing me out.

I work full time. I am taking 9 hours of classes this semester (3 hours each term and 3 hours over the semester).  Any way you count it, I am getting 9 hours between August and December (down from the 13 that I took last year this time), I am trying to function working for a %#@@! who barely speaks English (Arkansas) and can NOT write it, but ended up as the boss. I am trying my best to take food with little or no flavor and make it delicious (and doing and excellent job, I might add!!) and I am not sleeping well at night.

I really want a week in a tropical setting with fresh grown food and my Kindle!

Which is not going to happen. I tried that this summer (five days in Destin) and that turned into a nightmare of drunken, crying crap to the point where I no longer speak to the person I thought was my best friend.

DSD's health. Babyboy's lovelife. (He got dumped last week and is sad). Many of my family are exhausting.

I'm just tired. And whining.

Or whining and tired, take your pick.

But, hey, I am going to DC in 17 days. And I am going to be even MORE exhausted when I get home.

But it will so be worth it!!


Ahab said...

Vent. Let it out. It's healthy to get these things out of your system.

Nance said...

When I discovered the Buddhist dharma, "Life is difficult," I felt strangely relieved: "Wow! Somebody gets it! I'm not even supposed to be happy non-stop, no matter what. I'm not even supposed to be able to cope at all times. Because Life is difficult for every single one of us no matter how hard we try! Call me a Buddhist from here on out!"

I'm sorry it's been a rough time. Our kids, our spouses, our parents--those folks can send me spiraling in a heartbeat. We mothers and wives and daughters live so many lives besides our own.