Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Power Hungry Maybe?

I understand that things are different today than they were when I graduated 24 years ago and a very large beach ball bounced over my head during the graduation ceremony. Certainly they are different than they were when my brother graduated 21 years ago and handed the principal a condom in exchange for his diploma. Schools are stricter now in some ways (and, sadly, not as strict in others), but some things should not be up to the school administration. The young man in this video was singled out for nothing more than being slightly exuberant.

While we've all heard sad tales of high school students not being allowed to graduate at the last moment because of senior pranks gone wrong, a student losing his diploma for blowing a kiss to his mother as he walked the commencement stage has to be a first.

Really? This is not acceptable. Something needs to be done about power hungry school administrators.

And just for the record, my son did not receive his diploma at the time he graduated. No one did. He received it a week later, but graduation was 2 weeks before school actually let out.

And when I graduated from the local community college on Mother's Day, I didn't receive my diploma for almost a month.


two crows said...

this is disgusting. he was humiliated in front of thousands of people for paying homage to his parents? would that all kids would do that publicly.

I have to wonder if his skin color had something to do with it.

LeftLeaningLady said...

Oh, wow, how naive am I that I didn't think of that? I hope you are wrong and I hope that something happens to this young man to make up for his public humiliation!

two crows said...

I hope I'm wrong, too. But when the video said that other kids were scolded for horseplay but didn't mention that they were confronted onstage or threatened with having their diplomas withheld, I had to wonder--what was different about this one?

if I knew this kid personally, I would tell him that the best revenge is living well and urge him to get out there and do a bang-up job in the real world. that'd show em!