Friday, June 5, 2009

Health Update

I had a followup appointment with my family physician yesterday. According to him, my test results did not appear to be systemic Lupus. It may still be what I call "skin Lupus*" but that is treatable with creams and such and the rash on my left arm does not appear to be quite as red or quite as large as it was just a week ago.

So this is good news.

EXCEPT, he still used the words "collagen vascular disorder." So, of course I googled this when I got to work. And none of it was good. Even if it is only "skin Lupus" it can change later and become systemic and of all the associated diseases that can be found on MedicineNet or none of them are pleasant.

A properly functioning immune system protects the body against infection, however, in cases of autoimmunity, including collagen vascular diseases, the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues. Antibodies may be targeted against antigens in the blood, skin, muscles and other organs, resulting in chronic inflammation and gradual degeneration of the affected tissues.


So I am being shipped to the rheumatologist for further poking, prodding and testing. I have an appointment on Jun 23, which is about 2 months earlier than I expected to see him.

Just another waiting game until then.

Thank you to everyone who commented. It was nice to know you were thinking about me.

*Really called Cutaneous lupus erythematosus. And you can click that link and see all sorts of rashes. Of course none of them look like mine. Not.One.


skyewriter said...

Hang in there. It sounds like your Doc is getting to the bottom of things... try to stay positive and think you have poison ivy (weak, I know very weak).

Happy Friday, LLL.

Sidhe said...

Take care!