Thursday, June 18, 2009

Am I The Only One Having Problems with Blogger? UPDATED

I have a YouTube video to display and comments to make on it, but Blogger isn't letting me paste the embed code. I have tried every way I know how and there is not an option to paste the information. Is it Blogger or is it my stupid new IE8.0?

What a pain!

For some reason, I am not longer allowed to paste to Blogger in the "Compose" window, only in the "Edit Html" window. How dumb is that? I am assuming this is a Microsoft issue, not a Blogger one. I think I have IE6.0 at work, so I will test this on Monday.


skyewriter said...

As an utter tech ignoramus, alas I cannot help. I also don't use IE.

I'm sorry! Have you emailed the blogger folks or looked at the boards to see if there are discussion threads about it?

Hope it works out soon!


Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

You're lucky ...and smart. At least you know how to post a video. I have yet to learn how to do it. Rooks Rant pointed to a terrific rant the other day that I wanted to put on my site, but I still couldn't stir myself to tackle the job.

two crows said...

congrats. it looks like you solved the problem in your next post?

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