Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Improvement

I was on travel last week for work and did not think about taking any 'before' pictures before I left. By the time I thought about it, some of the work was already completed, but DSD did a decent job of capturing what was going on. The previous windows (installed in 1985 when the house was built) had black frames. The new ones are white and the difference is amazing.

The front of the house 'before.' We are looking at the sofit (the part at the very top)

The sofit 'after.'

One of the new windows in the living room. DSD forgot to get any before pictures of the regular windows.

The bay window before.

The bay window with no windows. That is a fairly big hole in my wall.

Big hole seen from outside.

And the new bay window. It makes the dining room look so much larger.

More pictures next week after the vinyl siding is up! Hopefully this will help our energy bill for the rest of the summer and into the winter.


Sidhe said...

Cool, thanks for sharing.

I cannot wait until we are able to do some of the bigger projects at our house!

two crows said...

congrats on your new windows!
I used a similar program on my last house [built in 1880 -- so it REALLY needed those windows.]

the city paid 1/3. as a result, I could afford new doors, too. my house was WAY more comfortable and my utility bills plummeted.

enjoy your lower bills!

carol said...

Excellent posting, with some very expressive photos.