Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missing You!

How can you miss someone you have never met? Never spoken to? Never known their real name?

I am here to tell you that you can.

I was just checking some of my blog links and I came across Mustang Bobby's latest post letting Blogland know that Andante, author of Collective Sigh, passed away on Tuesday June 16, 2009 after a battle with cancer.

I never met her, but I admired everything about her. She was always so upbeat in her postings, even in the ones that blasted people. We all knew she was fighting a long, difficult battle, but her hope convinced me personally that she would make it. Each time her postings lagged, I was concerned, but I knew in my heart that she would beat this horrible disease.

Sadly, she did not and she is gone. My heart is breaking for her husband and beloved daughter. May they get through this with loving memories of her.

RIP Andante, you will be missed more than you ever could have known.


two crows said...

thank you for your link to this amazing blog. sadly, I didn't know her while she lived, but I've bookmarked her blog and will get to know her posthumously.
thanx again.

LeftLeaningLady said...

two crows, I am certain you will love her as the rest of us do. Isn't the 'net an amazing thing that we can know and love people we have never met?