Monday, June 15, 2009

Babbling About Everything And Nothing

Last week I was at a seminar in Jacksonville without my computer. Since I have a desktop, it would have been a little difficult to take it with me. I meant to make a quick post mentioning that I was going to be away, but time got away from me.

The seminar was interesting, for the most part, and informative, for the most part, but Jacksonville was as hot as Hades. 95 degrees F with 100% humidity every day. Stepping outside felt like trying to breathe underwater. We get that here in Bay County, but not until mid-August. I am so glad I do not live in Jacksonville.

I returned home to new soffit (sp?) and facia (sp?) around the top of my house. I shall return home from work today to some new windows (Energy Star! Lower the Electric Bill! Tax Rebates 2009 only!) I spoke to DSD about an hour ago and the installers seems to be averaging a window an hour so they should be mostly finished by the time I get home, except for the big bay window in the dining room which will most likely take all day tomorrow. It is built to 1985 code so has to be updated to 2009 code. That window alone is costing as much as the other 8 combined. But it is going to look so great when they are finished and should save us a fortune in heating and cooling since we are pretty sure that window is where most of the energy waste is.

Next week the vinyl siding will be placed around the new windows. I am going to have a completely new exterior. Unfortunately, I am also going to be out of money so the interior is going to have to wait!

I have an appointment with the Rheumotologist on Jun 23 which will probably include more blood work and still no answers, but my rash is looking so much better. Honestly, unless you know what you are looking for it is almost gone. Except for the scar from the punch biopsy. I'm pretty sure she should have used more than two stitches.

It looks like BabyBoy will be moving home before the end of the month. He has discovered that living paycheck to paycheck while saving nothing and not having much money to spend on fun is not where he wants to be. So we will be spending this weekend painting his room because I want it done before he moves back in there!

I am slowly catching up on all my blog reading, but I am not taking a lot of time to comment. I don't have that much time! I will be back to daily reading, eventually.


D said...

Now I feel a little bit better about the weather here. I'm getting one set of windows replaced this summer with the low e. The other two sets will have to wait a bit. I read somewhere that the rebate goes until 2010. I'll have to double check that now.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they figure out what's wrong soon. I hope it's nothing major.

LeftLeaningLady said...

D, Thank you for the nice thoughts. I thought the rebate was only through this year, but I hope it goes on longer. I am so excited about my new windows; I hope yours are as amazing as mine!

Sidhe said...

I lived in Mayport for two years and just couldn't stand that humidity which made every yukky thing smell 100 times worse (like sewage and dead fish!). Welcome back and cheers to the progress on your home!

LeftLeaningLady said...

I actually thought Mayport may have been cooler, because it is on the Atlantic, not just the St. John's. It is HOT here in the NW section of the state and it is HUMID, but until the late summer we always have a nice breeze. I think I am just spoiled.

two crows said...

not all of Florida is nearly as bad as Jacksonville. Clearwater [been here 2 years 4 months and couning] is wonderful! 60's in the winter and, yes, 95 in the summer but humidity ain't too bad and Kansas City [where I came from] would get to 110^ degrees + 100% humidity every summer. blech!

congrats on your new house stuff! you must be thrilled.

and, get better soon, you hear?