Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let's Talk about the Kids

Apparently I am not very bright. Four students created a movie in which a teddy bear orders other stuffed animals to kill a teacher, the stuffed animals try to do this and students intervene, saving the teacher (and probably tossing stuffing everywhere) and the students are expelled. WHAT? They were expelled because the movie “was disruptive and they saw it as a threat” to the teacher. This makes no sense to me.

A student was obviously not happy with a teacher, so instead of bringing weapons to school, or killing himself, he got creative and took out his animosity via film. Ooooooh, bad boy. Isn’t it our job as parents to teach our children to control themselves, including their anger and to find ways other than violence to release that same anger? I personally think the parents of these children should be praised. Is this any different than singing (at the top of your lungs) “met her at the door with a loaded 44 and she ain’t my teacher no more” to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic? NO, it is not different. And if you didn’t do that, you missed out on some good times.

You can read the whole story if you like:

In other child rearing news, a federal judge has decided it is your responsibility to raise your kids and if you don’t keep an eye out for their safety and wellbeing, you can’t sue. What are people thinking? Not only do I have to feed, clothe and keep a roof over their heads, I have to teach them things and keep an eye on them whether they are outside or surfing the web? What is this world coming to?
If my child looks at porn, I should sue.

Or, hey, get rid of the Internet in your home. You are paying for a service; this is not part of your “inalienable rights” and if you can’t control what your children do while on the ‘net, cancel your subscription.

Or (here’s a radical thought), don’t panic. No one wants their children looking at pornography, especially at a very young age. But, really, it won’t kill them. My son accessed his first pornographic website at age 13 (our internet was broken, he was at a friends’ house). Lucky for me, we had (and still do) an excellent relationship and after much squirming and embarrassment on his part, he told me all about it. It has not ruined him for life. He is a polite, well-mannered respectful young man who takes responsibility for his own actions. There’s a really radical thought for you.

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