Thursday, March 8, 2007

Introducing Myself

I have thought about creating a blog for sometime, but I thought, “Who could possibly care about anything that I have to say?” I have written really long passionate blogs in my head, but I have never had the guts to actually create a blog and publish it. I finally decided to just go for it. Plus, I read a lot of different blogs and I am sick of having my comments under “Anonymous”.

I am an almost 40 something divorced, but engaged, mother of one. I am a fulltime administrative assistant and a part time college student. I will probably be a part time college student until I die, even if I do finally get a degree. I am passionate about my family, my friends, this country (politics, although I never feel like I know enough), college football (Go Gators, 2006 National Champions), books (most genres) & The Sims 2 (silly, I know, but I am addicted). I am certain that most blogging I do will have something to do with one of these subjects.

As my name shows, I lean to the left in my political viewpoints. I was 100% against the war in Iraq before it was cool. I was yelling about it to my family, friends & co-workers (who are mostly right-wing) long before the first shot was fired. I NEVER believed there were weapons of mass destruction. I actually voted for George Bush in 2000, because I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in the world and didn’t know better. I was mostly middle of the road then. This administration has pushed me away from the middle and squarely to the left (this administration and the fact that I have awakened and am now paying attention to what is going on). I know that I was slow to catch on, but I do not know how anyone could have voted for ‘that guy’ in ’04. It is great that the American people finally woke up & voted out the repubs in ’06, but where were you in ’04? How could anyone vote for ‘that guy’ after the mess he had made of our country in less than 4 years? And we still have almost 2 years to go!! Heaven help us!

Just for the record, “I support the troops”. I served 5 ½ years in the Air Force, four as active duty & 1 ½ as active duty Air National Guard. I support them. I would like for them to remain alive.

Well, I should probably shush it for a while. This post is getting really long. I guess I should have started a blog earlier, I obviously have A LOT to say.

Left Leaning Lady

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